Thursday, September 6, 2012

A fans review of Scotty McCreery's Canfield, OH concert

Edit:  Thank you to the fan who alerted me in comments of on another post about the comments here.
I tried to look through the comments and delete the ones that should not be here but there was way to many to go through and to me that is just insane.  Styling you did not write this review to glorify yourself, so please do not let the negative naysayers get to you.   

I hope everyone has a great day & as always - Thank you for visiting the site and supporting Scotty!

Donna :)

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with all of us here at Fans of Scotty - makes us feel like we were right there with you! 
As I'm driving with my friend Mark who I got him to love Scotty as much I do are driving to the Canfield fair as usual I have butterflies in my stomach because I know I'm about to see my prince of country music none other then Scotty Mccreery . this will be my 5th time one with brad but it doesn't matter its always more more exciting everytime . my friend her daughter and husband and me and my friend Mark . My friends Daughter is 14 it was her birthday. She and I was so excited and pumped . We arrived at the fair a few hours early . Scottys music was being played on the loud speakers everywhere which just intensified my anxiety . We entered the grandstand and I noticed there were just as many fans of Scotty then Martina Scotty shirts everywhere young and old. Teen age girls with signs asking Scotty for hugs and kisses marriage proposals and a middle age Women sign asking to adopt Scotty. Scotty enters the stage singing walk in the country he was on fire and the screams erupted .this is when as usual the tears flow . When we first got there the local radio station had a drawing for a meet and greet in Scottys bus. I didn't win but the young girl who did when they called her name she screamed then broke into tears very sweet. I was happy for her. Back to the concert . when Scotty sang letters from home people were crying all around me . my friend he stood up and applauded with tears streaming down his face Scotty must if touched him some way with his beautiful voice .many fans stood up . Scotty has fans of all ages. The last 3 songs Scottys rocking out to trouble water tower town and gone . 3 teens rushed the stage so security just leg who ever I made a comment I wish I was a teen and the people around me said you go up there girl so I did I was so close I could touch him if I wanted his fans were very respectfull some young girls crying at the site of him knowing how close they we're me included . You should have seen Scottys face he just lit up and it fuled his passion of music even more so he become more intense and he just layed it out on that stage gave it all he had simply amazing . The last song was gone and we went crazy I was sweating and exhausted but I didn't care . At one point Scotty looked down and I looked him right in those big blue eyes and it took my breath away . He is beautiful. He killed it my favorite concert ever I will remember it my while life it was funny I look to my right and there we're two ladies around 70 years old up there with me it wasn't just young girls boyfriends putting girlfriends on their shoulders some getting shorter girls phones and cameras so they can take pictures of Scotty because they we're tall enough . Scottya fans are so respectful. The people in the first 4 rows I guess we're mad because they couldn't see so they let them up when Martina sang. She was ok but Scotty shined . By the way he wasn't her opening act he played over an hour and the fair coordinator was said to of made the quote they Scotty was a headliner and a big draw to To the fair . They it was one of the best concerts they have had . Martina came out and the mood was more subdued . If any of you have any dought about Scottys energy on stage don't because he us always on fire. The whole way home I was on cloud nine . I am a fan for life no one will ever take his place. Thank you all for letting me tell you how my concert went. sorry about The spelling and punctuation.