Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tweets from Judy - Scotty McCreery is filiming with State Farm Today

filming with@StateFarm today in Michigan


  1. wow thats awsome is Scotty a spokes person for state farm or is this a one time deal?

    1. That tweet from Judy is all I know about it! LOL It would be great if he was a spokesperson for them, but I'm thinking it's probably something to do with the go to bat thing Scotty is involved with.

  2. I sent a tweet to state farm and they said to follow their page on Facebook and that it would be posted on there at some point. It will not be an actual commercial unfortunately.

  3. WOW Scotty you are so thoughtfull to do this for Statefarm.keep it up bud,your doing something great for statefarm. You are so darn Special.I Can't wait to see the video.


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