Friday, August 31, 2012

Scotty McCreery - Musical Smartypants

Musical Smartypants: 10 Country Singers Who Learned Before They Earned

 "Stay in school!" Kids may roll their eyes at that oft-heard phrase, as they argue with their parents that some of the wealthiest celebrities on the planet dropped out of school to start their careers early. But in the notoriously volatile entertainment business, no one can argue with having an education to fall back on. As summer comes to a close and school doors open, The Boot pays tribute to the country stars who took their reading, writing and arithmetic seriously.



Scotty McCreery: North Carolina State University, Class of 2016

Scotty did not let "American Idol" curb his education. A high school junior during his winning run on the show, the North Carolina native kept his grades up -- and his spot on the varsity baseball team. A few months in to his skyrocketing country career, he graduated from Garner Magnet High School (a mere hours after winning a CMT Award!). Just a few days after his debut album, Clear as Day, was certified platinum, Scotty was accepted to North Carolina State University. "At 18 years old, I have a lot of learning to do and I don't know if I'm ready to make the move from home yet," he tells The Boot of his decision to stay in his home state for college. "Give me a couple more years and I'll be more mature and I'll know more about the business."

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  1. One smart, clear-thinking, level-headed young man ! He is one in a million. Listen up out there all you teeners, you don't know it all, contrary to teen thinking........get with the program and L E A R N now so that you will be ready for your future. Take a role model like Scotty and just do it ! You can thank us later...

  2. Scotty is truly a role model.

  3. He is a great model for sure and so mature for his age. Gotta love him.


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