Sunday, August 12, 2012

More tweets from Darien Lake

Ms. Judy shares another video from Darien Lake

Brad Paisley ‏@BradPaisley Thanks for being good sports @ScottyMcCreery and @thebandperry staying so, even after we put it on Youtube in a little while.

: Haha I'm such a creep sorry ” It's all good. Hope you enjoyed the show.

This tweet below isn't about the Darien Lake performance but wanted to post it so everyone could see where Scotty would be in Texas.

: do you know where scotty will be when he is in texas” Houston and San Antonio 

And from the tweet below you can tell Scotty is still making new fans!
: Scotty McCreery was good. Didn't expect that. ” thank ya brother!


  1. I like that tweet. The guy wasn't expecting to like Scotty and now he has been converted. Scotty just keeps making more fans.

  2. Crackes me up to watch the vid. Mom wanting one more take and Scotty´s glance of a typical teenage boy. Cute


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