Thursday, August 9, 2012

More Bay City Videos of Scotty McCreery

You Make That Look Good Credit to: cantdefineit

Write My Number on Your Hand Credit to: cantdefineit

Water Tower Town Credit to: cantdefineit

Out Of Summer Time Credit to: cantedefineit

 I Love You This Big Credit to: cantedefineit

Gone Credit to: cantdefineit


  1. Loved it!..He changed the words a liitle on YMTLG. What did he say?

  2. I Loved it all.Especially the one of I love you this big where he thank's them for voting him through on IdoL.he has been so sweet lately that he tell's people thank's for voting him through on IdoL.he is APPreciate his fas more cause we voted for him on IDOL and got him through.I'm starting to love him more each day.

  3. loved 3:14 in gone. sexy stance


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