Saturday, August 4, 2012

American Idol winner Scotty McCreery fans line up hours before Pig Gig concert in Bay City

 Heather Melson, Britni Allison, Rebecca Gillengerten and Olivia McMurtry wait a the front of a line to get into Labadie Pig Gig's Saturday concert featuring American Idol winner Scotty McCreery. The girls got to Bay City hours before the start of the concert to secure great seats.

BAY CITY, MI — Heather Melson and her daughter Britni Allison 15, traveled from South Haven at 5 a.m. today, just so they could be in Bay City early enough to wait in line for seven hours to see 2011 American Idol winner Scotty McCreery take the stage at tonight's Labadie Pig Gig concert.

But for Britni, and about 50 others waiting in line, the long wait by 2 p.m. was worth every minute. 

Britni and her two new friends in line, 18-year-olds Rebecca Gillengerten of Lansing and Olivia McMurtry of East Lansing, had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet McCreery when he and his tour bus arrived Saturday morning at Pig Gig in Bay City's Veterans Memorial Park.

"His mom posted a twitter pic so we knew where to find him," McMurtry said.The three hung out watching him do a photo shoot before McCreery — who is known for his deep voice and country vocals — came over to say hi."We thought he'd say he had to go, but he came over and talked to us," said Gillengerten, who had posters signed by the star.  Britni had him sign the back of her phone, while McMurtry also had posters signed.
McMurtry, Gillengerten and Britni are also the three lucky fans that are at the very front of the line waiting to get into the concert grounds. The gates officially open at 5 p.m.

McMurtry and Gillengerten got to the park at 8 a.m.  "It's our first concert and we didn't know what to expect or how early to get here," McMurtry said. But even as first timers, they all have the same game plan once they gate opens. "Run as fast we can!" All three yelled out.



  2. Just passionate and fanatical!!!!! lol
    Remember to vote at TOC

  3. Great review on this event. I don't know how to post it, but I know the girls will get it here. The artcle said in 20 years of the PIG GIG that was the most people ever. Loved the pictures, seeing all ages. Love seeing teen girls, families, grandparents, couples of all ages. He brings all these people together. The article said he didn't disappoint them. Love that kid. Can't wait for videos. These repoerters are loving our Scotty. Also, on another vote I took time to run through the top 100 country songs at TOC and can't agree with alot of the choices. As much as I like Kenny Rogers, The Gambler is not a no.1 song. And Josh's Long Black Train was way down there.The Dance was around 4. Listened to Amazed and think Scotty does better. Listened to Check Yes or No and think he is even with George Strait. Also Alan Jackson's Where Were You When The World Stop Turning is definitely AJ's song, but Scotty did it so beautifully on AI. The Dance was they only one they didn't have the video for.Willie Nelson sang You Were Always On My Mind and I remember when Scotty did that on Idol he blew Jennifer away along with us all.Scotty is right up there with the greats. This dates me,but Eddy Arnold singing, Make The World Go Away, would be one I would love to hear Scotty sing. I guess I'd like anything Scotty, just give us some more great music, Scotty.

  4. 'And the girls come out", indeed. A packed house and a brilliant performance judging from the article.

  5. Looking back at Cal.State Fair when he was singing GONE, I never saw it before, but Matt went over and told scotty something and Scotty then went down some steps near where a deaf person was and sang. How sweet. And how much do people love Scotty...a deaf person coming to his concert. They get very distracted with so much going on but there she was. Must be able to feel the vibes and of course seeing his face. That impressed me so much and how nice of the lady who was signing. He draws people like a magnet. He's got a real gift.



  7. Mlive in Bay City reported the Scotty's Concert drew the largest Crowd in History. Even watching one of the video's from Mlive of Scotty he even said to the crowd " WOW YOU ARE ALL REALLY PACKED IN HERE"


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