Saturday, July 7, 2012

Videos of Scotty McCreery's June 29th performance at SPAC

TTWG Credit To: Sunshinemusicx3

WTT Credit to: oooMargaret

ILYTB Credit to: oooMargaret


  1. O dear. He is soooooooooooooooooo perfect

  2. I recently saw another new artist I like who is 28 years old, but she is not nearly Scotty's level of a performer. She has a hit song out now and did a good job, but definitely in a differnet league than Scotty. Scotty is GREAT!! He is so consistent with his performances and captivates your attention on any stage. I love how you can HEAR HIM and is well mixed to not drown his vocals out which you hear so much of these days. He is truly wonderful and about the only person I would pay big money to see. I can't wait to see him again on 7/14 in NJ and again on 8/10 in Bethel Woods, NY with BP.

    It will be interesting to see him in a small venue of about 1500 at his own show and then with BP's tour.

    I'll keep you all posted.


  3. In my opinion, ILYTB, (his first song), is one of Scotty's best! I hope he'll have a song similar in sound on his next album! I think, this song really shows off, his beautiful voice and also his attractive slight southern accent! Probably, with his Dad being from a northeast state and his Mom from a southern state the accent Scotty has is a mixture of the two! Anyway, he sounds great whether he's singing or talking!!

    1. Agree! ILYTB was my fave and I still love it! But Please Remember Me just blew me to the moon and back! And it still gives me "goosies"! Really hope he does more of the deep, rich, BEAUTIFUL baritone/bass songs in his new album!


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