Monday, July 23, 2012

Tarah's California State Fair experience

Hi everyone,

Finally finished my review/ summary. I thought the first one was too long so I tried to edit it but wound up adding another page. So it's extra long but I couldn't get myself to cut anything else out!

I tried to video ILYTB but I'm just not a video person so sorry about that. But I got great pictures so I hope that helps make up for it! I uploaded 47 pictures here.

Follow the jump for the full review and some of my favorite pictures :)

The day started off with a 2 1/2-hour drive to Sacramento. Let me tell you, it was HOT. When we got there it was about 105 degrees. The concert was inside the California State Fair grounds and the stage was located in the middle of the park on the Golden 1 stage. It was really pretty and actually sat on a pond of water.

The meet and greet had me nervous because I was so convinced something was going to go wrong. Thankfully nothing did! Apparently the radio station gave a good amount of meet and greets. I kind of wish there would have been a ‘fan club’ meet and greet and then a ‘give away’ meet and greet but that’s just me being picky. The meet and greet was photo only, no signing. Instead, someone would hand us a pre-signed picture of Scotty. While in line, someone came and told us we couldn’t have our cameras out. Instead, Scotty’s manager would take a picture of us with his camera and email the photo to us. The girl behind me in line asked the person if we could give something to Scotty and the lady said she wouldn’t try it because there was security all around. Of course, I was nervous because I didn’t want all of your letters to never be seen by Scotty! But I still held onto my bag because I wanted to try it. The meet and greet was going to be held outside, inside a gated area. The line:

Scotty walked by a little later and into the gated area and of course, we all started screaming.  Shortly after, they ushered us all in. As we were walking in, the usher who was holding open the door said to no one in particular “don’t faint everyone, it’s all going to be okay.” I found that amusing and laughed as I was walking by. The meet and greet went incredibly fast. I was toward the end of the line and got to watch people interact. After you got your picture taken with Scotty, you walked over to his mom who was handing out the pictures. Most people walked up, took their picture with Scotty, said something quick and walked over to his mom. But as the line went on, people got to be more daring. No one had taken my bag yet but I sat it against the wall with my purse. Scotty really had nowhere to put it since they were rushing him, so I left it there while I walked up and I planned to give it to his mom. Finally it was my turn. I smiled as big as I could and walked up to him. He held out his hand and I shook it. Here’s our conversation:
Me: Hi, I’m Tarah, tarahelise on Twitter.
Scotty: Oh okay, nice.
(we then took our picture, and I stood quite close and smiled as big as I could again)
Scotty: Do you tweet a lot, because you sound familiar.
Me: Well, yeah I do (and then I laughed). You’ve tweeted me a few times.
Scotty: Okay, yeah.
Me: Well, it was so awesome to meet you. Thank you so much!
Scotty: You too!

I honestly can’t remember if I hugged him or not which bugs me that I forgot! It went by so fast and I was in a total daze and on cloud nine. And the last two lines of what I typed above are what I can best remember. I'm not sure exactly what we said, that’s a total fog in my mind. All I know is that I didn’t faint or say something stupid! It’s such a unique experience to meet someone like Scotty because you are seriously taken away to another world. Everything rushes by you and you have to constantly remind yourself to stay calm!

After, I walked over to his mom. She introduced herself and that caught me totally off guard because I definitely knew who she was and didn’t expect that she was going to introduce herself! Here’s our conversation:

Mrs. McCreery: Hi, I’m Judy McCreery, Scotty’s mom.
Me: Hi, I’m Tarah, tarahelise on Twitter. I help run Fans of Scotty.
[She then smiled and nodded her head. She then kind of opened up and started to continue our conversation]
Mrs. M: Oh yes! I think we actually met one of the other ladies who helps with the site.
Me: Yes you did! Donna.
[She then talked to me for a little bit about the site and how they want to get ahold of Donna]
Me: Oh, well I will definitely tell her to get in contact with you. I think you follow her on Twitter so I’ll have her DM you.
Mrs. M: Oh that’d be great!
Me: You know, I actually have letters for Scotty from fans from the website. Can I give those to you?
Mrs. M: Oh that’d be great! Do you have them with you?
Me: Yes they’re right over here.
[I then went to get them and brought them back and handed them to her]
Me: There’s actually letters for the family in there too.
Mrs. M: Oh, y’all are too sweet. Thank you.
Me: Thank you! It was so great meet you!
Mrs. M: You too!
Me: God bless!

If I was thinking, I would’ve asked if I could’ve taken a picture with her but it was so quick and I wasn’t even supposed to have a camera. I felt kind of bad because the people who were behind me in line walked up during our conversation, got handed a picture and didn’t stay to have a conversation with her.

After I walked out my family was waiting for me right by the gate. Above the gated area was actually a bridge area so my family was able to stand up there and watch the meet and greet and get pictures of it all happening!

The show was going to start soon so we walked around the gated area and to the merch booth. I bought the water tower town poster and the baseball t shirt and then we found our seats.

Thanks to the California State Fair presale, I was able to score third row seats. The perfect distance from the stage because I wouldn’t strain my neck looking up but still had an awesome view.

The atmosphere was great. Seats were filled and there were posters, shirts, cowboy boots, everything. There were also all age ranges represented. There definitely were a lot of teenage girls but I saw grandma and grandpa fans, mom and dads, young couples, old couples. The whole range. That’s something I love about Scotty’s personality and his music- it appeals to everyone. It was incredibly hot but there still was excitement all around.

The show started off with Walk in the Country and the whole place erupted when the opening notes played. When Scotty walked out, he commanded the stage and took over like a true professional. He was there to have fun and therefore, we were going to have fun too. I was a little disappointed in the lack of people that stood up. In my section a few groups of teenage girl fans would stand up and we all stayed standing up for a long time.

Scotty has said repeatedly that he loves touring with Brad because he gets to learn music first hand from a professional. After seeing Scotty at the start of the tour in January, and seeing him now I couldn’t agree more that Scotty is soaking it all in. I never thought Scotty could get any better after I saw him in Las Vegas but he proved he could with the Sacramento show. Acting as a true professional, Scotty put aside the problems with the heat and with not feeling well and put on a great show. There truly was never a dull moment.

If you’ve never seen Scotty’s show, he starts off by saying that it’s his goal during the concert to give us the background story on his journey so far. Therefore, before certain songs he would tell us what he likes about it, why he picked it for his album, why he sang it on Idol or some other story about it.  I liked how they used that outline and carried it throughout the show. Not sure whose idea it was but it makes me excited for future tours (headlining ones, hopefully!).

One thing I loved was when Scotty talked to the audience. It was like you were in your living room having a one on one conversation with Scotty. He was so real and calm and there was no ‘show’ about it. He wasn’t nervous and he knew exactly what to say and how to say it. And he didn’t just say it either. It was like he was performing a perfected art. I loved it. Also, he didn’t say ‘um’ once I don’t think. That’s pretty impressive!

Songs that I missed hearing live were the 3 he didn’t sing from his album- Old King James, Back on the Ground and Clear As Day. I was hoping he’d drop in that acoustic version of Call Me Maybe he’s teased about but he didn’t do that either. But besides skipping those 3 songs from his album, he performed the rest of the Clear As Day album. By the way he sang them, you can tell he’s had practice but he never acted bored. It was fun watching him sing these songs. And even though he didn’t write them, you can tell they hold a special place in his heart. I’m so glad it was of utmost importance to Scotty and his team to pick songs Scotty could relate to. It makes his performance of them that much more enjoyable. I hope that never changes during the course of Scotty’s career.

Dirty Dishes was one of my favorite album songs from the night, if I had to choose. Scotty talked before about how he missed home and the things he used to take for granted that he appreciates now. The song was sang with such a side of genuineness and it was beautiful, in a raw sense of way. I just love the spin he puts on it. There was a lady there associated with the fair who was performing the songs using American Sign Language and she had tears running down her face during this song. During the slow songs since Scotty was sitting down, the rest of the audience that was standing sat down as well. Even though I was on the edge of my seat I was able to just sit there and watch and listen and I really kind of fell in love with this song in a whole new way. It’s such a different twist and kind of puts complainers in their place.  But it’s also not a preachy song and presents these ideas in such a non cliché way. And it also seems just like something Mrs. McCreery would say! When I have my own house with kids I’m definitely going to use these lyrics somewhere in the house.

I loved the crowd reactions for I Love You This Big and The Trouble With Girls. During ILYTB, I flashed back to the night he sang it for the finale performance night on Idol. He has truly made it his own since then and his fans have hopped on board that song as well. And of course, he performed with his legendary arms spread open wide.

The Trouble With Girls was a fun song to see him perform live. He actually turned the mic toward us and told the audience to help him out. I thought we did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. And before the song he gave a shout out to all the California girls who he finds just so dagum pretty.

Also, Water Tower Town live is AWESOME. I won’t lie, it’s not my favorite off Clear As Day but Scotty clearly embraces that song. While it’s only 2 minutes and 48 seconds, Scotty uses that to his advantage and goes all out for the whole song. I wish every time it came on the radio, it was the live version filled with that excitement. I don’t know if I can settle for the studio version anymore!

He also sang covers- I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow, T-R-O-U-B-L-E, The Dance, Check Yes or No, Letters From Home, That’s All Right and my personal favorite, Gone.

Before singing Check Yes or No (I think that’s the song that came after his little speech- if you were there and remember feel free to correct me!) he talked about his time on Idol and the birth week theme of Idol. When Scotty walked into the room, he said he wanted to sing some Travis Tritt. They said “well Scotty, we have these songs here” but Scotty said he stuck to his guns and he had to look them in the eye and say, “Look, I’m country”. That received a HUGE applause from the audience. After the applause died down he quipped “No, I’m not going to sing Lady Gaga”. The audience responded to that with laughter and applause.

During I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow he introduced his band. It wasn’t that long of a show (1 hour) so he might’ve been able to get away with not doing that but I found it so ‘Scotty’ that he did. Dry County (his band’s name) is quite the talented bunch and it’s clear they’re a big family. They shared smiles, little arm pushes and other ‘guy things’. After each member was introduced, the audience applauded. Matt definitely received the biggest applause. Hmm, I wonder why ;). I’ve attended multiple country concerts and I don’t remember seeing one where each member is introduced by name. I know Brad Paisley introduces his band but most say ‘give it up for my band’. I thought it was unique that he did it during a song too.

I am a sucker for a good slow song so I loved Letters From Home and The Dance. Prior to LFH, Scotty referenced how he previously talked about missing home while he was in LA for Idol (that was what he talked about before Dirty Dishes). But he said that couldn’t compare at all to what the men and women go through while they’re on duty protecting our freedom. As Scotty said, while he had Twitter, Skype and texting, the soldiers have an occasional letter or their wife’s picture with her perfume sprayed on it. (I loved that image of the picture with perfume on it and it’s my little wish that Scotty expands on that and writes a song). With just Matt on guitar and Scotty with the vocals it was beautiful. So endearing. The sign language lady was crying during this too.

The crowd loved the little ‘ba beep badeedalees’ of That’s All Right. I think Scotty does too! This was another high energy song and was so fun to watch.

He ended his show with Gone as his encore song. Right as the music was starting and he came back on stage, he asked if we had one more in us. Personally, I had a whole other concert in me but it had to stop sometime! Gone is definitely one Scotty has experience performing. He was all over the stage and he hit some talented notes. I loved that song before top 5 week and I love it even more now. Major props to Mrs. McCreery for recommending that song!

Judging by the sincerity on Scotty’s part during The Dance, you could’ve thought Scotty wrote and personally experienced that song. As with each song, Scotty put to use his story telling quality as JLo always put it. Yes, you can paint a picture with water color paint and you can get your point across. But Scotty doesn’t want to simply paint a simple picture. He wants to paint in the details. And thanks to that story telling quality, you can feel, imagine and experience those details. Ever since hearing Scotty sing that at the Opry, I’ve loved that song. While introducing The Dance, Scotty talked about his trip to Las Vegas for the ACMs. Because of his age, there wasn’t much for him to do there so he and his family saw Garth Brooks perform at The Wynn and he even got to meet him. Scotty said he was nervous as could be and was shaking in his boots. “There was Garth Brooks (Scotty then held his hand above his head as if to measure) and then there was little Scotty (he moved his hand down to about his knee)”. It was funny to hear Scotty describe being star stuck and how he experienced the same things we do when we meet him!

Some people sing covers while others try, but the covers sing them if that makes sense. The judges on Idol for all 11 seasons have said at least once during the season that a certain performance was too ‘karaoke’. But how do you keep it from being karaoke? You add something different. That’s why I believe Scotty won a show that’s built off success of singing covers- he made each song his own. He doesn’t try to sound like the original singer. He tries to be Scotty and thankfully for all of us, that’s more than enough.

Lastly, it was refreshing to go to a concert that wasn’t about the outfits or the tricks performed. It was about the audience and the artist. My mom said the same thing when we saw Scotty in Las Vegas and she said it again about the Sac show- it reminded her of the old country concerts. Where it was just about the voice and how talented it was. To someone growing up in the age of ‘new country’, I loved going back to a little bit of country’s roots.

I know we as fans sometimes get frustrated because of the disappointing track record with radio. But if I have to say anything about that it’s this- just keep pressing on. Scotty is too gifted and has too rare of a talent to not experience success as a big time country artist.

One day, the rest of the world is going to get it. Whether it’s by seeing a concert like I saw, Scotty releasing his ‘it’ song or if we bang them over the head with a bat. One day, the rest of the world will understand and Scotty will be successful in all sorts of ways. And I can’t wait to celebrate with all of you when that time comes.

Thanks for allowing me to share my experience!


  1. Wow! You paint a wonderful memory of a this special day. Thank you for sharing your experience and thank you for all you do to bring us all a little closer to Scotty! He is a special talent that I pray stays around for many, many years to come.

    1. You did a great job on this review and I totally agree with you!

    2. We weere there in Sacramento and I agree with everything each of you are saying. We were in the reserved seat area to. He did a fantastic job and made each of us love him more. I hope we have a chancd to see him again. My only regret was that I didn't know about the meet and greet session.

  2. Couldn't have said it better 6:07!!! Thank you for your insightful and heartfelt comments. You really captured why we cherish Scotty the way we do! Thanks too for getting the letters to Mrs McCreery. Mine was in there!!

    1. I totally agree with you 100%.We do cherish him alot don't we.and Thanks for sharing your experience with Scotty with us.Thanks for getting the letters to Mrs.McCreery.And Thank you so much for bringing our Scotty Closer to us,We don't know what we would do if we didn't have ya'll to do things for us.I love the pictures too.I hope I get to see him one of these days.cause the way you talk about the concert makes me want to see him more.

  3. Hi, I was there too. Drove about 3 hrs from the south bay and it's the first time I drove that far by myself because I couldn't find any friend to come with me - They are not fans of any concert. Although I've watched so much videos online before the concert, it still amazed me when being there in person. It was such a good performance. Most of the concerts I've went to are rock concerts and this one definitely carried the same heat.

    I don't remember too much about what Scotty said, but the singing is amazing. Concert went on so fast. Super energy and got you so engaged. Exciting from the beginning till the end. So surprised everybody stood up when music started. I mean, it is not rock...I didn't realized that I couldn't see Scotty even I was about row 23 or something. So regret I didn't wear high heels. But eventually I could watch through the heads -- I don't want to watch via the big screens because I was there to see him alive! Felt sorry for grandmas and grandpas though, that must tough for them.

    I felt some sound issues during LFH because some words came out too strongly but The Dance was so good. And Man of Sorrow was much better than that via Video. I didn't like it that much because of bad audio quality but when you heard it in live, it was amazing. I totally got that Scotty did a good job with this song, or he has improved since first few performances. And Gone was super! What a performance!! Love the band too. Remind me of the rock concerts. This one Yes he definitely grown a lot comparing to the performance on AI or AI Tour.

    I was looking forward to OKJ too. I was praying he includes that in the encore but it didn't happen. I felt so satisfied when I drove back home after the show. Let the iPad play his songs on the road. If you allow me to give an example that last time I feel the same way, hmm... kind like after the movie Avengers. You may not get what I mean or dislike this example, but that's it in me. And I definitely look forward to next concert and album #2!

    1. I can't agree with you more on The Man Of Constant Sorrow. I've watched him sang this song three times live. He sounded so much better live than on tape. I even said it in my YouTube posting. For all of you Scotty fans, you must go to his live concert to really experience this young man's rich and beautiful voice. He is amazing.

  4. Thanks for your magnificent chronicle!!!it was so fun,and touching...and one more time confirms what we know about Scotty :"Scotty is too gifted and has too rare of talent to not experience success as a big time country artist." i agree with you he has that something that make you feel what he is singing...he connects with the audience wonderfully while singing or speaking...he is truly gifted.And like you said he has fans of all ages...that is so great cause i get mad when people said he only has teen girls dying for him and that´is so wrong...he appeals to lot of people cause he is real,he is so sincere and genuine and he transmits those cualities when he sings... when he writes his own song all of that is gonna be there and i´m sure is gonna be so good and people are gonna realize the kind of artist he is...
    I have seen the videos on youtube and they are excellent but i can´t imagine how would be if i were there watching with my own eyes,it has to be an unique and magnific amazes me how young he is and how good he is now,and thinking about his future makes me so excited cause great things are gonna happen for him.

  5. lindachen168 (from Twitter)July 23, 2012 at 7:22 PM

    Tarah,that was a beautiful writeup of the concert. I was there myself and your recap reminded me of the entire concert. I was busy taking pictures and videoing some of the songs so I missed some of the moments. Thank you so much for this lovely summary. God bless you. And it was a wonderful concert.

  6. Tarah
    Thank-you so much for this awesome review. I agree that Scotty has something special that comes from down deep in his soul and I agree that one day they will all understand. So we as fans must keep pressing on. WOW!!!!amazing review, felt like I was there.

  7. Very nice review. Thank you for sharing. Wishing Scotty all success, not only because he is a gifted singer but because he is a nice person that hasn't let fame and recongnition go to his head. Such a positive role model.

    Keep requesting WTT.

  8. Thank you Tarah for your report. I loved all the extra details that made me feel I was right there with you. So glad you got the give the letters to Miss Judy. What wonderful memories you made!

  9. Thank you Tarah for taking us there - I love reading the recaps - maybe one day he will come my way and I can return the favor. I agree, he has a rare talent and someday radio will recognize it. So excited for Albumc #2

    1. What can I add to these wonderful comments?!..But I MUST say thank you Tarah, with my whole heart!..You took us all along with you on your beautiful journey to "Scotty Land"!!..It really was like being there!..I had tears in my eyes almost all the way through it!..What an amazing young man, and yet so reachable, like the kid next door!..And his Mama the same!.. And the whole family, from what I've heard!..I wish I could copy your story to keep forever!..I'm sure I will never have a chance to meet Scotty in person, though it would be a dream come true!...GS

    2. PS..Tarah the pix are great!.. The one of you and Scotty is GORGEOUS!..It should be framed!..GS

    3. PS..Tarah the pix are great!..The one of you and Scotty is gorgeous!..It should be framed!..GS

    4. OOPS!..Sorry!

  10. WTT was #3 on WPOC tonight LA #2 he had more votes but,she must of had more requests so request WTT more and vote more to help Scotty get back to #1!

  11. Tarah,
    Thank you so much ~ you took us all right there with you! Thank you again for taking the letters to Scotty!!! I know I speak for everyone when I say I appreciate all the work you do on the site!! Now, I'm ready for October 15th to get here so I can see him at the NC State Fair.

  12. Tarah, THANK YOU for the wonderful recap, and THANK YOU so very,very much for having the idea about the letters---and then personally delivering them to Judy for Scotty!!!
    Thank you especially for printing out my "absolute last minute" letter to take with you---I appreciate it so much.
    LOVED your WONDERFUL pictures also!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!





  13. Thank you Tarah! Really enjoyed your review of how it was for you meeting Scotty and his Mom too! And your detailed picture for us, of how it was for you watching Scotty perform! Nice pictures! I was also touched that the sign language lady was wiping tears from her eyes, when Scotty sang. Thanks again!!

  14. This was so poignant and a clear as day picture of this young man. He truly knows the importance of fealty to family,friends, and the roots of Country Music! Just adore his music and his ways in an ugly world.

  15. Tarah...just curious. How many letters were there in the end? Thanks again for all you did to deliver our special messages. So very much appreciated.


  17. Tarah, thanks so much for telling us about the meet & greet/concert! You must've been happy to meet Scotty and Mama Judy. I am not at all surprised that Scotty was poised and engaging w/his fans once again. ;) I really wish I could meet Scotty someday. If it happened, I would probably flip out! Then I would tell my boyfriend about it! ;D Again, thanks for the AMAZING review Tarah! ♥

    ~Jen W. from Pembroke, MA

  18. Thank you all for your comments. So glad I could help you all feel as if you were there, or for some of you help you relieve the night.

    For those wondering, I received I think 48 letters to Scotty and 4 or 5 for the family. I typed a cover page for the front of the binder that said 'For Scotty' and then under it :

    "We hope these letters show you clear as day that our love for you really is deeper than the ocean and higher than the pines.

    If the journey gets rough or if you ever start to doubt your impact, come to this book for some encouragement. And please, keep sailing your vessel until the river runs dry.

    Fans of Scotty"

    1. OK, here come the tears again!..What a sweet and clever cover page!..I just Hope Scotty has time to read our letters!..For sure "Mama" will!..And I'm sure he will as soon and as often as he can!..I hope they do help him remember how deeply he affects all of us and always will!..GS

    2. Just seen this Tarah & yep here comes the tears! LOL

      That is a great cover page that describes just exactly how his fans feel about him!

  19. Thanks for sharing your great review and pics with us!

  20. What an adorable cover page. Maybe at another concert one of you girls could do that again and that those who didn't write letters will have another chance to do so. Of course, with his address available I'm sure many have written before. We just need to keep loving him and supporting him. Radio will come around.BTW, in viewing "Origins" on GAC about Kenney Chesney, he encountered a lot of disappointments and terrible things, but he had a passion that would not allow him to give up, same thing with Alan Jackson. Scotty got a boost from AI and we want to keep that momentum up and hope he doesn't experience the down times. Jake Owen said he started out good, then not so good and back to good. So as FOS Scotty we need to keep him out there. Thanks again to the girls on this site and to those who post videos. I myself would be lost otherwise.

  21. Scotty is going to meet with some struggles because that is the life process. However his appreciation of God and music will strengthen him..Wish people would not act like he is five years old and so fragile that he will soon melt. Eighteen is the beginning of becoming a man and he always has demonstrated a beautiful maturity and clear thinking throughout this path. It all developed quickly so he is figuring it out on the run.Let's give him the trust and respect he has shown friends and fans alike. We should be proud of that maturity that is developing with every performance. We don't support by hating others or treating him like a babe..TRULY trust your abilities and faith,Scotty!

    1. DITTO!!!...It really is amazing how wise and strong Scotty is for his age!..His MAMA has said, maybe more than once, that he is a 40 yr old in an 18 yr old body!..His faith in God and his up-bringing have given him that!..And we all know his incredible talents are far beyond his years!..And getting better every day!..BUT STILL, when I see and hear about hateful comments about him, the "Mama Grizzly" rises up in me!..And I'm sure his own Mama feels the same!..Scotty is definitely destined for greatness and he's well on his way already!..GS

  22. Thank you Tarah for your beautifully written and very detailed account of your CA State Fair Concert experience. I, like many of the other posters here, had to struggle to read this through tear-filled eyes - tears of joy for this gifted young man and tears of sadness because I may never get that chance to meet him or be at one of his solo concerts. But your words and pictures made me feel like I did.

  23. Thank you so much Tarah. You have written the best and most comprehensive review of the Sacramento concert. We were about twelve rows back, great seats, thanks to Linda Chen! I had wanted to meet you, I wish we had noticed the meet and greet line. I wonder if you got my letter in, I sent it very last minute. As we walked out I said to Linda, "I want to go again!" Scotty was so good and full of energy...WOW!.
    Thanks for all you do,

  24. Anybody hear the 102 Thunder on air interview? July23?

    1. Just heard it on Moms4McCreery!..Great as usual!..STILL amazes me how DEEP Scotty's voice is!

  25. 3 Songs - 2012 California State Fair - Sacramento

  26. Interview on Moms4McCreery!

  27. Tarah! This is such a beautiful recap of your concert experience! You write so very well! I love it! <3<3<3 Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us and also for all you do on this site! So happy to finally meet you via your m&g picture with Scotty! You're so pretty! :)

  28. I don't feel there is anything left to add, except my own simple, "Thank You" to Tarah for the concert trip. I may never see Scotty in person, but now feel that I have through you. It is so nice to be among a large number that feel the same about Scotty and family. They need to be emulated. What a nice way to say Thank You to them, don't you think? Spread the love always. I thoroughly enjoy all the videos that our fellow McCreerians have unselfishly shared with us. I especially love the reviews of the ones fortunate enough to attend his concerts. What an experience to be among the M&G ! It is a pleasure to join with you in love of Scotty. Thanks to all. Kait,Or

  29. Thank you Tarah for this beautiful recap. I saw Scotty in concert and met him and just as you say, that brief time with him flies by and it's something we want to capture and digest, but, due to nerves, we lose a bit of it. I'm still trying to remember a response he gave to one of my remarks. It's ' yesterday!' :)
    He is such a gentle, genuine, loving person. He is so loved by us and so deserving of it.
    Once you've seen Scotty live you will enjoy listening to his music even more, if that's possible, because you actually get to visualize his moves and gestures. Like Tarah says, that's all part of his story telling. Something I never captured before seeing him perform live.

  30. Again, no need to jump on somebody's thoughts. I don't think anyone is treating him like a 5 year old. Just wanting everyone to keep him in the forefront. There are things to be of concern. Major stars have burned out. Some have done so much that they take time off and sometimes the return is rougher. I think we all want him to keep a balance so that we don't want see him back off. And even 18 year olds need to learn balance and need rest, especially. Scotty is mature in the way he handles himself. We want him around for a long time! Please allow people to express themselves. As long as it isn't harmful. don't jump on it.

  31. I hope they enjoy the letters. Since there weren't so many, maybe they will get to them all right away. One thing I shared with the McCreery's is that while they are so humble and say they're nobody special. I told them they certainly are...look at Scotty as a testament to their infuence on him and Ashley also. Takes special people to raise well grounded kids and well grounded kids will succeed in what they do! Thanks to the family!

  32. Tarah, such a beautifully written description of your "adventure" to see and hear Scotty! I had smiles and tears while reading.

    You said you couldn't remember if you hugged him or may eventually come to you! If it makes you feel any better, when I met Scotty I asked him a really specific question about God's plan for him---and I don't remember what he said when he answered! It was something I truly wanted to hear his response to but I have a blank in the answer space!! Well, something just happens to us when we get around Scotty!! (I DO remember my hug!! Yea!!!!!!!!!)

    Tarah, hope your memory becomes Clear As Day!

  33. Tarah, thank you so much for your beautiful recap of the concert. It took me back to the one I was lucky enough to go to. I only wish I could remember as well as you all the details, but like you said, the m&g went by so fast, it was almost like a blur (bits and pieces are all I can clearly remember), and the concert was so amazing! It's like he puts his whole heart and soul into his whole performance and that's so much a part of his appeal! He had as much energy at the end singing Gone as when he first came on stage!
    Tarah, I like the others thank you for taking our letters, that was such a kind thing for you to do. And a beautiful pic of you and Scotty!

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