Friday, July 13, 2012

Pictures of Scotty McCreery's Patriotic Festival Performance

This was from Scotty's Virginia Beach performance on June 3rd but there are over 500 pictures and they are amazing.  All I ask is if you choose to copy any of the pictures and post them on your website, FaceBook, Twitter, Tumbler, etc give Credit to the original photographer! Thank you & Enjoy.

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We attended the Scotty McCreery concert at the Virginia Beach, Virginia Oceanfront on Sunday June 3, 2012. The concert was part of the 2012 Patriotic Festival and presented by Whisper Concerts. The crowd was large and the concert was really good. If you are able, go see Scotty in concert, he puts on a great show and he has a great voice. To save a photo, right-click and save to your computer. Thousands of photos coming soon and will be posted over the next several days. Enjoy the photos ! 


  1. WOW, WOW,AND AGAIN WOW!!!! Thank you for the wonderful pictures. Thank you to the Photographer. How nice that they have shared you pictures. I had friends that were at Virginia Beach for the concert and they did say as you can seen in the photo that there was a huge crowed. I also have been a the concert where Scotty performed and he sure does a great show. Thanks again for the pictures

  2. Thank you for the many wonderful pictures of Scotty performing at Virginia Beach! Its amazing that out of what 600 pictures, there's not one that isn't a very photogenic picture of Scotty! He is one handsome looking young man, with a stage presence that is difficult to match! These are the first pictures, I've seen where his hair is little more natural, with his curls showing, which I think, adds to his already good looks.

    1. Yes, I agree what wonderful pictures of Scotty. He is so very photogenic. If you saw the arriving at the red carpet for the aca awards and they were taking picture of him. He was so photogenic and the reporter loved him. He is very handsome,poised and so polished for an 18 year old. He does HAVE GREAT HAIR HOPE HE KEEPS IT THE WAY IT HIS WITH HIS CURLS.

    2. Double Ditto!!!


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