Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pictures of Scotty McCreery's performance 7/18 at the Pacific Amphitheatre

I've just posted the link to the site - there are 44 pictures some of Scotty, Atwater (his opening act) and fan pictures! There are some great pictures of Scotty and you can see how much he's enjoying himself! 



  1. This is my favorite on the CAD album -

    "Better Then That" - OC FAIR, CA, 7/18/12


    Awesome performance!!

  2. Donna, Thanks for posting this link - awesome pictures of Scotty in concert! What a crowd! Looks like a lot of fans went to see him in concert in California. My fave pics are #1, #16 & #27. :)

  3. Scotty has so many beautiful young girls as fans and they love to come with their signs! "Scotty's Hotties" are on some signs....so cute! A really good picture of the huge crowd too. Just the beginning of I'm sure much bigger things to come. He and his band are super good. When Scotty sings "thats alright mama" and "gone" WOW! he and his band rock!!


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