Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christopher Renteria's interview with Scotty McCreery

I'm not sure this has been posted on the site - I'm not sure when the interview took place - but hey it's Scotty - so it has to be posted on here! LOL

 EDIT: Chris tweeted me the information on when the interview took place! 

Christopher Renteria @ChrisRenteria
Btw the interview took place about a week back in regards to him coming to perform at the California State Fair on July 21

 For those of you who don't know me, my name is Christopher Renteria and I am an up and coming Celebrity Entertainment Reporter. Here is one of my most recent interviews with Scotty McCreery. I hope you all enjoy it and be sure to check out my website since I will be uploading a lot of interviews over these next few weeks. Follow me on Twitter @ChrisRenteria


Credit to: Christopher Renteria's


  1. NEW VIDEO -

    Pictures from 2 California concerts - OC Fair in Costa Mesa and Cal State Fair in Sacramento - Published on YouTube Jul 24, 2012 by i52tennis.

    Scotty California Concerts


  2. There is another segment with robertelvington1 on youtube
    Scotty sings the NC State fight song.

  3. Love listening to Scotty whether both singing and talking! I have to keep reminding myself he's 18 years old. He does interviews so well! Quite a talented young man for sure!

  4. Sounds like Christopher´ll be doing more interviews in the future and I´m looking forward to it. He sounded nice and honest and he asked some really relevant questions. Now we know a little bit more of Scotty´s thoughts, plans and taste. I´m pleased to hear he likes Elvis´s rock n´roll. So we might hear some rocky numbers on his new album. And even though no duet planned so far. It´s still possible. Not for sure but a Tim-Scotty duet or another established artist might do the trick on radio. Getting excited.

  5. "Teddt Bear', now that I'd love to hear!

  6. I agre that a duet with a major artist would make radio wake up to this talent. But he's doing good w/o all of them. But to stay on top, he will need them down the road.

  7. My radio station plays him all the time. The other day they even played "Walk in the Country"


  9. Thank you guys for all the kind words. It really means a lot. This interview with Scotty actually took place on July 13th, 2012 :)

    1. That sounds like a comment from Christopher. Nice

  10. Was shopping in a TJMax store the other day and they were playing Scotty and some Idol from season 10 . people were stopping to ask about the music! Collaboration of Scotty And Lauren is still the ticket even
    though any commentary with that hint is slated for deletesville. You can delete from sites but not from musical reality.

  11. Christopher..great questions! better still..great answers! Scotty is just AWESOME! He speaks from the heart and wins over more hearts and fans every day!ILYTB!


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