Friday, July 13, 2012

Canaan Smith will be the opening act for Scotty McCreery

pumped to be opening for the next three nights in a row! check out his tour dates for all the info. hope to see you there!

Possessing a distinctive voice that combines a breezy cool vibe with heart-on-his-sleeve emotional honesty, Canaan Smith has emerged as one of country music’s most compelling new artists. Behind his easy-going boy next door charm lies an accomplished storyteller equally gifted at romantic ballads, up tempo anthems and poignant slice of life songs that convey universal truths.

 The young artist’s ability to draw from such a vivid emotional canvas comes from a life well lived. Equal parts sensitive songwriter and fearless adventurer, Canaan was writing and performing around Music City when he was recruited to compete on the hit television reality show “The Amazing Race,” traveling to such locales as Dubai, Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia. However to  him the most exciting adventure was seeing his reputation as a songwriter grow as he scored cuts by Jason Aldean, Billy Ray Cyrus/Amy Grant, Love and Theft and other acts and scored his first top ten hit as a songwriter.

To continue reading Canaan's Biography click on the link below

Canaan Smith - We Got Us Credit to: CanaanSmithVEVO


  1. I like the way the video was done.

  2. He opened for Scotty yesterday in Lancaster he was cute ,and a nice singer.

    1. Yes, he's good! (not as good, or as cute, as Scotty,of course!) but could be competition...It's just like Scotty to give him a chance!..What a BIG heart our Scotty has!!!

  3. I am sure the label placed Canaan Smith to open for Scotty. He has a nice voice, a little high for me, but better than some of the females that have opened for Scotty. Good combination for a concert. Smart on the half of the label too. He will compliment Scotty, but no competition!!! I like his video very much, however.

  4. I get it- just as long as he is no competition for Scotty he's an OK choice . Are you guys kidding?? Do you really believe that was Scotty's plan for an opening act or maybe Scotty is already trying to give back to others and share his success as others have to him in the last year. Love and appreciate Scotty but downright ashamed by some of this commentary. Obviously some people have no clue who Scott Mccreery is or what he and his family are all about!


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