Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Chance to Win Ticket's To See Scotty McCreery, Brad & TBP Oct 12th

Who will find, and be, the star of Bustin’ Loose 2012?

Posted: Sunday, July 29, 2012 4:04 am | Updated: 4:25 pm, Fri Jul 27, 2012.
Hey, all you Bustin’ Loose super sleuths, the big pay-off is just around the corner for the one of you who’s correctly deciphered each Bustin’ Loose contest clue and has the answers collected and ready for presentation to the Journal’s Bustin’ Loose jury. The final clue will be somewhere in the Wednesday, Aug. 1, edition. Correctly solved, the clue will lead to the prized Bustin’ Loose star.
So, get ready to get boot-scootin’ and find that star!
The first contestant to find the star and present it and their list of correct clue answers will be grand prize winner.

Grand prize is two tickets to see Brad Paisley, The Band Perry and Scotty McCreery in concert at the CenturyLink Center, Bossier City, Friday night, Oct. 12.

To present the star and your list of answers, come to the Journal starting 8 a.m. Wednesday. The Journal is at 306 W. Main, Atlanta.
The Journal Bustin’ Loose jury will check answers and crown the big winner.
Everyone presenting a list of correct answers after the grand prize winner is named will be entered in a drawing for runners-up prizes that include a $50 gift certificate to Terrell Brothers Furniture, an area rug from All About Floors, memberships to New Attitudes fitness center and a gift from Harp’s Jewelers.

The big question now is, “Who will find, and be, the star of Bustin’ Loose 2012?”


  1. Great prize. Can someone tell me the name of Scotty's band? I heard it but can't remember it. Thanks

  2. Great prize for someone. Unrelated but, I am watching one of the reruns of an Opty show, where they asked Scotty who his celebrity crush was. He is so cute, such a sports nut, saying Erin Andrews, formerly with ESPN, Scotty's favorite channel. She talks sports, he says, can't get any better than that. Just to cute. They seem to have a nice friendship. know they tweet each other. So happy he's been resting. Can't wait for 2013. I love watching all the videos over and over, but am anxious for something new. I love seeing the changes in him with every concert. He's matured so much more than he already was. Notice he's isn't on the list for CMT 12 Pack, whereas he used to have two spots, so we need to keep voting. It's important!!

  3. Nice prize for someone! Been listening to his first songs on AI and seeing how much he has matured, in his looks,because he was already mature. He is so handsome. Noticed he is no longer on the CMT12pack list anymore. Both songs are off now. Keep voting. So much drama was detracting from what is important and that is that we keep him out there, so vote, please.

  4. Yes, you are right 12:04 we cannot get to distracted and not vote everyday for Scotty. He need votes on all his polls, because he falling beind. He is falling behind on WPOC poll, because he was on top now he have fallens to 19%. We go to VOTE, VOTE ,VOTE. Love U Scotty. Grandma in TX.

  5. WTT was #5 on WPOC tonight we need to vote and request more and keep him on this radio stations list!


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