Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Videos of Scotty McCreery's House of Blues performance

Man of Constant Sorrow Credit to: kayllanicolle

Dirty Dishes Credit to: Kayllanicolle

Better Than That Credit to: Kayllanicolle
You Make That Look Good Credit to: Kayllanicolle
Write My Number On Your Hand Credit to: Kayllanicolle


  1. I wish the dance had been the whole thing,but they cut it off,sounded like everyone loved him,but why not he's the best.

  2. i just loved these videos, he sounded so good. if i would have found someone to go with i would of have gone, but i didn't so i missed it. i was depressed to because i wanted to go so bad.

  3. I agree with 3:23PM with sweetone 100%.cause the dance is my favorite one.I'm so glad that they have added the dance to his song list.I want to see him so bad to but I live in a town right out of nashville called brentwood tenn.I don't know when I will get to.but for right now the videos will do.cause I do love the videos.he does sound that great in them,cause you get your private concert in your house.cause I get my in my bedroom.ILYTB. you are the best.


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