Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tweets from Scotty McCreery's performance tonight

sounds fantastic :) woo hoo
NJ loves them some  

thank u so much 4 being so gracious n talking w/ us fans much appreciated BTW killed it tonight


  1. He captivates the audience. He is an asset to BP concerts and BP is a blessing to him. He gets more exposure and people get to see how extraordinary Scotty is as a person and a performer.

    And to you ladies of FOS .... you all ROCK. OMG. I am overwhelmed with all these news. My day is not enough to feed my SCOTTY appetite for news n videos. Thank you for the hard work.

  2. Sure hope someone sends in some videos....I don't want to miss anything. I just want to spend all of my time listening to Scotty, reading comments, voting and just enjoying how GREAT he is. I don't know what I ever did before I saw him on AI for the first time....LOVE HIM!!

  3. I had a wonderful time tonight seeing all the tweets coming in from the crowd & talking on the chat room. Scotty is such a talented young man & keeps getting better & better. What an inspiration he is to all of us, young & old alike. And still staying grounded & giving God the glory. God bless Scotty, family, friends & fans. A thumbs up for all the hard work done by everyone who keeps us updated with all the news on our sweet country boy.

    1. I have a Twitter account but do not know what to do after I sign in on "seeing all the tweets come in" and talking on chat room. Can you help?

  4. Everyone, please vote WSLC 94.9 Star Country for Scotty, as he is losing at the moment. Thanks. Janfan

  5. Where do you vote give the site to vote! I cant find it!

  6. I finally got to see Scotty in concert last night in New Jersey he is so darn cute,and he has such an awesome voice.This kid can really sing.It was a great concert,and it was packed,they are such a good combination Scotty,B.Perry,and Brad .loved them all...wonderful show.New Jersey loved them.Oh my goodness it was so hot,I felt sorry for the people in the field they were packed,huge crowd.Loved a lot.of course Scotty was my favorite,I just love this kid

  7. Scotty was as wonderful as always at Indian Ranch today. He continues to put a spell on the crowd and to think this kid has real talent that is real as opposed to something created in a production studio enhanced with computers. True talent makes him our true American Idol. Extremely exciting to watch him develop and mature in the world of Country Music. His kindness and respect for others was stunning today in Mass. Love you here in New England.


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