Friday, June 15, 2012

Tweets from Ohio

Mike McCreery ‏@MikeMGarner
@995wgar 's newest DJ @ashleymccreery2 spinning Water Tower Town.

Scotty McCreery ‏@ScottyMcCreery This man is about to see what go-kart racing is all about... idk about that no bumping rule? 

 Scotty McCreery ‏@ScottyMcCreery Bout to whoop all these guys in some go-kart racing! #BOGGITYBOOGITYBOOGITY
 Scotty McCreery ‏@ScottyMcCreery Good time at the #VirtualReality500

Thanks go out to for hosting the tour group at the Virtual Reality 500. Great times on the road.
Crowd at and show in Cuyahoga, Ohio. Awesome night already.

Brad Paisley @BradPaisley @ScottyMcCreery if you ain't first yer last.


  1. Ashley building memories also......

  2. Go Scotty Go !!!

  3. Brad Paisley sure makes it a point that everyone on his road tour has fun! He calls it "bonding time." :-) Wish there was a video of this go- karting.


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