Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Scotty McCreery to play special show in Florida to support Marine Sgt. John Hayes'

 This was tweeted between 10:30 - 11:00 this morning! Scotty is keeping busy in Florida

Homes for Our Troops‏@HomesForOurTrps

Thanks @ScottyMcCreery for playing a special show tomorrow in FL to support #Marine GySgt John Hayes' #HFOT project!

Profile John Hayes Credit to: homesforourtroops

Marine Gunnery Sergeant John Hayes was on his 4th deployment when he lost both of his legs and suffered life-threatening injuries after stepping on an IED in Sangin, Afghanistan on December 28, 2010. An Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician, GySgt Hayes was on a routine mission, when his comrade located an undetonated ordinance. While retracing his steps to return and assist his partner, GySgt Hayes stepped on a buried IED resulting in the traumatic amputations of both of his legs. During transport out of Afghanistan to Landstuhl, Germany, GySgt Hayes required lifesaving resuscitation multiple times. Once stabilized, he was brought to Bethesda National Naval Medical Center where the long road to recovery began. During his first week in the hospital, Hayes miraculously survived a series of grueling surgeries before a serious infection led to a rare hemi-pelvectomy amputation, leaving Hayes without a leg or pelvis on his left side. GySgt Hayes has endured over sixty surgeries thus far, and remains at the newly renamed Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for continued treatment and physical therapy.
John loves the outdoors and enjoys hunting and fishing. He likes to rebuild old cars, but most enjoys spending time with his wife, Janel and three young daughters. He looks forward to being a stay at home dad while also going to school to earn a degree in Business Management. GySgt Hayes appreciates all of the support and assistance being offered by the donors and volunteers who will make his specially-adapted home a reality; allowing him to live his life without barriers in his own home. He is grateful for the opportunity to be the dad he always hoped to be without the worry of how to provide a safe home for his family…a home that meets his needs yet allows them to live a normal life with the freedoms he fought to preserve. “Despite the daily challenges that I must face, I know that my home will not be an obstacle in my recovery. Thank you for ensuring my family’s livelihood by providing us with this gift.”
Please consider donating supplies or labor or making a monetary donation!


  1. Well God Bless this family and God Bless Scotty. This really touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. This just shows again what a great young man Scotty is.

  2. what a touching story,brought tears to my eyes.I hope Scotty sings PRM at this concert.I pray for this family.

  3. We have a good son and a brother in the person of Scotty. He walks with God and definitely will always be true to his faith.

    I salute to all the soldiers who have fought in the war and to all who are still fighting. We love you all.

    You might be interested to see the video where he sang WMNOYH. Go to one of the tweets on the right hand side and click on WQYK.COM and click on his picture on the front page and click on the word " song " in the write up and you will hear him sing live this morning. Refreshing voice...whether morning or night , he is the best.

    As for the song that he might sing today for this tribute, He might sing letter from home or he might have something prepared that we do not know about. He always surprises everyone.

    I live here in Tampa. He was here this morning. I could have driven to the radio station to try to see him had I known. Wow... so near yet so far !
    It's ok because I am going to see him when he performs here with BP in Sept.

  4. A special thank you to Sgt John Hayes and all other military members with serious injuries and those still fighting for our freedom. May God bless you and your families in the days ahead. We are also blessed with having someone like Scotty who recognizes the worth in a fellow human-being and honors him in this way. Two definite role models for our society today. Love you both!!

  5. Wow! Sad story, but God can always bring good out of our tragedies in life. God bless this family and so many other like them that have such burdens to bear. I thank God for Scotty as he has brought much job into my life. My heart swells with pride to see how God uses him (and will continue to use him). Bringing happiness to others is his "God-given gift". Thank you Scotty for being such a compassionate and wonderful person. Love U!!

  6. I just printed out the form to send a monetary donation. I plan to send a small one time donation and mention that I know of this because of Scotty McCreery. It would be nice for the McCreerians to make our presence known for this most worthy cause.

  7. In reading the comments, gotta say, my co-fans of Scotty are pretty wonderful with their heart-felt comments. What more can I say, then to agree with them all, and say how very proud, I am, to also be a huge fan of Scotty!

  8. Done 250 pm. From a huge fan in Toronto. Scotty never ceases to amaze me

  9. vote the President who bring back all the troops and who try to avoid wars who say no to wars. sad story.

  10. WOW very moving Over a year go some of my friends said I was crazy when I talked about Scotty and
    How special he would become. So proud of Scotty Thank for caring

  11. Thank you all for taking the time to post this video and information about Marine GySgt John Hayes and his family on your page. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and/or watch the video. Homes for Our Troops is thrilled to have Scotty's and all your support behind building John a new specially adapted home! Stay tuned to the HFOT Facebook page for pictures from the show

    -Homes for Our Troops

  12. thanks scotty that was very kind of you i hope your career keeps succeeding!:)


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