Friday, June 29, 2012

Independence Day celebrations offer fun, family and an 'American Idol'

This is McCreery's second performance in Utah, after the "American Idol Live!" tour, so he already knows what to expect.  "I'm excited and can't wait to see you guys up there," he said.
Anticipation for the holiday creates its own kind of excitement in Utah. With a plethora of parades, pie-eating contests and firework shows to look forward to, the state isn't lacking any quantity of Independence Day celebrations.


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  2. Thanks for posting this and thanks for all that is done on this awesome site! (that I visit daily) I hadn't seen this article... and I love how eloquently Scotty has stated his love for our troops and country!! I am very lucky to be going to this particular concert on July 4th... I am so looking forward to seeing Scotty again live!! God bless America and Scotty McCreery!! (:


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