Saturday, June 30, 2012

Scotty McCreery & Brad Paisley singing Celebrity at SPAC

Brad & Scotty singing Celebrity at SPAC - June 29, 2012 Credit to: oooMargaret

Brad - Alcohol Finale Live - SPAC - June 29, 2012 Credit to: oooMargaret

Walk In The Country Credit to: Sunshinemusicx3


  1. I just love the reponse that Scotty is getting with Brad and Tim. The crowd just goes wild when he comes out. They cheered loudly for him during the Brad finale as well.
    I love seeing that, I want him to just keep adding more and more fans.

  2. Brad & Scotty' on "Celebrity" is so fun! In this video they are so funny when Brad throws his pick at Scotty! :-)


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