Thursday, June 21, 2012

'American Idol's' Casey Abrams on hanging with Scotty McCreery and his best buddy

Really? What was the biggest advantage to not being the winner?

Well, less pressure. I think that’s huge for me because, to be honest, that’s something I have to work on. I don’t do really well under pressure. I need chill vibe and that’s what it was. We took our time and we found the right label and the right music. As soon as you win, I feel you have to come out with an album right away, but I think it was actually great that Scotty  won because he was ready to do it and he did it like a champ. He’s doing awesome.

And he seems, at 18, incredibly able to handle the pressure that comes with this. He’s very grounded.

You know what, he’s a really humble dude. He’s kind of shy at first. We kind of really didn’t talk to him. He was like, “I remember when no one would really talk to me in the top 10.” But during the tour, we got really close. We’d go see movies and stuff, go get burgers. It was good. He’s a chill dude.

I only posted the portion about Scotty to read the full article follow the link below


  1. Nice to hear from Casey! He and Scotty seemed to become great friends on Idol. Hope his album does well, I think, he's a wonderful musician! Loved the video of he an Hayley at Christmas time ' baby its cold outside'! Watched it many times!

  2. Those long links never work!!!

  3. “I remember when no one would really talk to me in the top 10.” I had no idea this was going on on AI ! Makes me very upset. I am very, very happy Scotty won ! Shame on the Top 9 for ignoring him. Talk about a dark horse......Guess there is a lesson in that.........


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