Saturday, April 21, 2012

American Idol alumni album sales

Someone sent me this link from and I thought everyone might want to look at it. (p.s. I added the picture)
American Idol alumni album sales From Wikipedia(View original Wikipedia Article) Last modified on 19 April 2012, at 10:19 This article provides a list of albums recorded by alumni of the popular American televised singing competition American Idol in the post-Idol career. It only lists main albums released in the alumni's post-Idol career. American Idol compilations, individual artist's pre-Idol recordings, EPs, and compilation albums are not listed here, however, the numbers in parentheses may include sales from these releases. For complete list of releases including those not listed here for each artist, please see their individual discography pages (linked here in the total number in parentheses). Sales figure listed are for U.S. only.


  1. Nice to know how other Idols did! Scotty needs votes now Q102 David gained overnight hurry we have to win this for him1

  2. nice to see this chart information. Scotty is right up there in the top group. Good Job Scotty


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