Friday, April 13, 2012

Scotty McCreery's interview with KRTY 95.3 while in Las Vegas

This was just uploaded onto YouTube April 11th, so I don't think it's been posted on here yet. There's nothing new in it - but hey it's a Scotty video so it doesn't matter if it reveals any new information or not! :)

Scotty McCreery with KRTY 95.3
Credit to: Jennaclarejohnson


  1. Thanks Donna....Always nice to see and hear Scotty. You are so right, doesn't matter if there is new info in the video or not....after all it is SCOTTY ! Kait,Or

    1. Ditto.....Scotty, have a GREAT TIME at the Azelea Festival tonight. Know you will "KILL IT"!!!! Sure wish I could be there!

  2. I see, Scotty's talking to some friends, on twitter, who are going for the SHDC policy. I know summer's almost here, but that look is so regimented, sure hope Scotty keeps a hair style, cause that almost bald look has zero appeal, unless, someone is actually bald, it then sometimes looks ok and suits them. Yatter, Yatter, Yatter! Yatter! LOL

  3. How great to hear "....can't remember when I wasn't singing....Great that I can
    do it now for a living!" ....More positive statements like that by Scotty will
    surely encourage his fans not to be disappointed when so much attention is paid
    to college, etc. ...Hopefully Scotty will be allowed to attend college part-time
    while he's out performing for his loyal fans!

  4. I read that Scotty's only planning on school two days/week leaving the weekends open for concerts & some down time as well. I believe he's going to have the right mix to succeed with his singing & continue his education at the same time. He said it might take him 20 years to get his degree. I appreciate & respect how he feels but I don't want him to lose his momentum - can't see that ever happening though. Sure hope not, as he's the very best that's come along in a long, long time!!!

  5. Fret not about Scotty, he will never leave his fans disappointed, he love his fans. He always do everything in his power to make us happy. He's going to college part-time and do his music entertainment on the week-ends,look how he is in Wilmington now and he will keep it up. We are blessed to have Scotty as our friend and country star.


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