Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scotty McCreery cares about his family and his home life

Scotty McCreery Won't Major in Music at College

Idol winner says he'll probably study marketing or communications instead

Ya know Scotty McCreery, 18, is off to North Carolina State University in the fall.

So what will the American Idol winner-turned-country star be studying?

One thing's for sure, he won't be majoring in music. "Because I’m learning about music every day and I’m in music class all the time as an 18-year-old," Scotty tells thecountryvibe.com.

Instead, Scotty is thinking about major in communications or marketing. Scotty tells the website that college is important so that he can have balance in his life.

"I’m not ever gonna be that guy that’s out there working 365 days a year,” says Scotty. “I care about my family and my home life and this all happened to me so quick I think it’s important for me to get in slowly and work my way in. And so right now we have that balance. It’s working good in high school and college will be a whole other monster."



  1. I love the choices Scotty makes and the thoughts that leads to them. Again and again a demonstration that he has a fantastic family behind him and that he is wise beyond years

  2. I believe God Blessed him with this Idol win so that he could have the opportunity to be successful in the business without having to do the 365 thing. He has such a huge fan base already that he can work hard and do other things and have this balance he is able to have. I am so happy things have worked out for him. He will be very successful and I will always support him.

  3. I agree 100% with the above comments! He is blessed with such a good family to give him not only their support but the guidance and direction to prepare him for adult life.

    1. Scotty is so mature for his age! He makes so many smart decisions. It's so obvious that God is watching over this fine young man. It's amazing to sit back and watch his career take off. I can hardly wait for his next video. I hope it's a song that he has written. Wouldn't that be just the BEST ?? Love Scotty! ( and I'm no teanager either. It makes me sick when people say that only the little girls with cell phones voted Scotty in. My husband and I sat up and voted for him every week. We know a good voice when we hear it)

    2. Yes, it is quite interesting to watch his career take off. I am really all about his voice and the music.

  4. I would like Scotty to write a song to compliment his BELIEVE bracelet.

    CT Grandma


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