Sunday, April 1, 2012

Scotty McCreery With WIRK From The ACM’s « Country, Music, South Florida Country 107.9 WIRK

Hmmm, bigger thrill – winning American Idol or talking with Jeff and Bill. Tough Call. Here’s the full interview from the MGM Grand!

Click on the link below to listen to another great interview


  1. FANS look Hayes 73,194Gilbert 78,582 n Scotty 480,295 followers on twitter IT tell YOU who will win? I believe it will be Scotty

  2. PS this old man is so nervous and excited for tonight we FANS have come a long way with Scotty
    so no matter what happen Scotty will always be Best Country Artist of Year

  3. Great interview. I think I'm starting to sound like a broken record but Scotty always gives a good interview.

  4. Ok, Scotty fans please don't get to comfortable..Gilbert Brantely has a least two other fan clubs, besides his own, voting for him. And, he has a famous songwriter in Nashville campaigning for him. And, they are all voting with multiple emails... I just think that we need to go above and beyond..for Scotty. Call a friend or family's only one day..until 8:00 pm ET. Then it's all, vote, vote... I don't want us to have any regrets! We need to go BIG, or go Home!!!

  5. I just know that Scotty is the Best New Artist of the Year. I have voted faithfully everyday, & now I am putting it in the good Lord's hands. So excited about tonight, can hardly stand the wait! I am keeping my fingers, toes, & legs crossed for good-luck, but I refuse to cross my eyes. hahahah Just kiddin' my legs are crossed in case I pee my pants. lol :) Have a great day Scotty & FOS!!

    1. Love that Grandmom V!!...Feel the same way!!

      Gramma S

  6. LOL Grandma Vera know what you mean this is such a long day :) Brenda TX

  7. I thought this was a great interview - loved what they said about his voice being true!

    I am so nervous - can't watch - will have to wait until it's over and then sneak here to see how he did before I watch it - really concerned about the other fan clubs voting for BG too - busy praying in the meantime!!

    Sure hope you all make me happy when I come back!


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