Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Scotty McCreery is a terrific example of unheralded talent

And say what you want about Scotty McCreery (who, by the way, is truly an amazing person as well as performer), but he’s a terrific example of an unheralded talent whose fans brought him to national prominence (even if it was on TV’s American Idol). Congratulations to this high school student who won the New Artist Award, and promptly thanked God, paid tribute to the other award nominees and, most of all, his fans.

And that army—whether they are fans of Church, the Eli Young Band, McCreery or others—is what may well renew the faith of country music fans who want to follow the more traditional path of country music. Not to mention those performers who forge their own musical trails just like country music legends Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Porter Wagoner and others did way back when.

What’s that saying about not all those who wander are lost?

I only posted the portion pertaining to Scotty - click on the link below to read the full article


  1. I believe that Scotty McCreery has what it takes to join the ranks of the country music legends. Right now he still young (a teenager) and is just starting out on an already incredible career. I really hope he makes it. I don't know what God's plan is for him, but right now it seems that part of that plan is giving so much joy and hope to many.

  2. I really enjoyed what the writer said about feelings exactly. He is someone who just makes you want to sing, dance and smile! Nothing wrong with that.


  3. I know one thing............he makes me smile......

  4. I really love that Scotty is bringing back CLASSIC COUNTRY -- songs that have meaning and that touch the heart/soul.

    The music that's been coming out of Nashville in the last 10-20 years has not been that good overall. Don't like that they've let in the pop/rock/Hollywood culture into the world of country music. Don't really care for all these other country singers now and I find most of their songs mediocre/shallow -- I suppose they are talented/good too, but I would not buy their albums. For me it is still Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, George Strait, Dolly Parton and others in that league.

  5. I lived in Dallas, TX for a good 12 years and I always wondered whatever happened to the Eli Young Band -- they're good! I think it's time for the country fan armies to bring real country music back!

  6. Donna, thanks for posting this great article. Scotty and the others will bring back the old Country music to the world.

  7. Yea, What's with all the rock...last year Steven Tyler, with Carrie who I don't think is country or Taylor...having Kiss on...just too many crossover stars. I read where an awful lot of people turned the show off. And all the scraggily looking characters, baseball caps and sunglasses, not understanding what some are saying. Love Scotty, his clean look and being able to understand what he is singning. and hope the radios start playing him. He is so refreshing.

  8. I think Carrie Underwood is very talented, but personally, there is no way I would consider her opening song country. And then they have Ashton Kutcher who totally made fun of and denigrated country; even Miranda Lambert questioned that in a tweet

    But I sure wouldn't include Toby Keith in the establishment group. Love him or not (I happen to love him), he fought the establishment all the way. To the point where he had to buy back his own album to produce it himself the way he wanted to. He said he knew what his fans wanted and was going to do it that way. After that he was rarely nominated for awards. Of course, he has become a very wealthy man (in the top 5 of the music industry (all genre) by his wise investments, etc. I guess my point is, you can win in the end by sticking to what you believe is right for you, but it isn't always easy or the fastest way.

    I love what Scotty is doing and, of course, he will grow and change as he ages but there is no reason he can't stay traditional country, Personally, I think with his voice, it wouldn't make sense to change.


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