Saturday, April 7, 2012

Scotty McCreery Behind the Mic with Chad Ryan at the ACM Awards

Credit to: chadonthewolf


  1. Found another interview of Scotty with The Hollywood Reporter. I have not seen it posted yet, so here it is:

  2. Scotty cracks, me up when ask about girlfriend his face gets all red. so cute

    1. What? Did not see any red face in this interview - it's the video color/lighting itself. He seemed very natural and spontaneous in this interview, as is is in all interviews. It's just natural for teenagers to hang out, boys and girls. Some people/fans see what they want to see regardless of what he says or how things really are.

  3. The interviewer cracked that Scotty could be a politition, I think Scotty is so cool he would be good at anything he choose to do! What a neet kid, he's amazing!!!A Grandma for Scotty


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