Saturday, April 14, 2012

Scotty McCreery backstage before the show

Backstage Scotty McCreery wore cowboy boots and jeans and a cross around his neck. The singer also smiled a lot, as if still amazed at all the attention. He couldn’t have been more relaxed and down home as he was asked questions about the current season of American Idol, touring with Brad Paisley and attending NC State in the fall.

McCreery said that playing shows and attending college would definitely be a balancing act but he was looking forward to it. “It’s going to be a challenge. Right now we’re looking at a two day, three day schedule. A lot of shows on weekends, off days when I’m not in school.”

McCreery intimated that Paisley was a good role model to emulate, that touring with Paisley he’s seen that you don’t have to change to be a success. Asked about his fast ball he said it was around 80 mph, that he was more of a finesse pitcher and that he wasn’t likely to be a walk-on pitcher at college. In between taking pictures with female fans the singer also recorded a few local radio introductions.

I asked McCreery a few questions about school, recording his album “Clear as Day” and memorable performances.

What are you interested in studying at NC State?

Right now its either business marketing or communications. Something that can help me with what I’m doing but not necessarily be music because I’m in music class every day now. Especially with Brad. Brad’s the man. He’s the top of the top.

When you recorded your album was there pressure to do certain things or did you have free reign?

I think I knew what I wanted to record. I think I knew the songs I could record. A lot of Nashville songs nowadays people are writing about are bar scenes and the drinking, going out there doing a lot of crazy stuff and that’s not me. I’m eighteen. One, I can’t sing about it and two, I don’t want to because it’s not me. We had a lot of cool songs pitched to us and I think that shows on the record and I’m looking forward to the second, see what we get on there.

Any thoughts about doing a gospel record?

Gospel record, yeah, down the road. We’re hoping. I’m going to try on my records, “old King James” is on this record. A lot of guys in country music they’ll have their one gospel song, or their one song with that message, the very last song of the album. We’re going to try and continue that tradition. Who knows, if I’m still in the game few years down the road, a few albums under the belt.

You’ve performed at the Grand Ole Opry, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, the World Series. What’s your most memorable performance?

The Opry is always up there, because it’s the Opry. Its tradition, it’s the biggest stage in country music. But for me, the World Series is incredible. I’m a baseball guy. I’m a baseball nut. To be there and be able to watch the game for one, but to be able to sing at it too, I couldn’t think of a better spot for me to sing.


  1. Wonderful interview. Hope Scotty will do a gospel album. I won't be around to hear it, but just knowing that there is someone to carry on the message makes him all the more special to me. CT grandma

    1. god bless you CT grandma you can listen from the heavens . what a sweety you are. brought a tear to my eye.


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