Saturday, April 7, 2012

Scotty McCreery 'American Idol' Hollywood Reporter Interview

Thanks for the heads up in the comments about this video :)

Scotty McCreery 'American Idol'
4:32 pm 4/5/2012 by David Simpson

Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery on coming back to perform on the 'Idol' stage and touring with some of country's biggest names.

When asked about his recent tour, he added, "It's a dream come true it's a huge blessing we're out there with Brad Paisley and The Band Perry, The Band Perry is pretty new but I've been listening to them since they came out and Brad my whole life. So just to be on the road with them and listening to them every night and singing with them every night it's a blast."


  1. Scotty is top-notch when it comes to being interviewed. I just love the way he is so at ease answering the questions. My love, & prayers are with him, & his family. HAPPY EASTER----McCreery family----

  2. ACM Fashion Faceoff is still on Scotty 69.4% Luke Bryan 30.6% 2158 votes! I keep checking when it is over!


  4. You could tell she was very taken with Scotty. He is such a cutie! He is correct when he says he continues to try to impress every time he's on the stage because you have to try your best to keep your fans and get new ones. The Fremont St concert(and all his performances)shows how much he cares and how he gets such a kick out of the audience. When he points to someone or waves to them or says hello like on TTWG and ILYTB at the Fremont concert, it is so genuine. He is just a beautiful person which draws you in. Not to mention what a great singer he is. He is fantastic on his cd, but live he shines even more. I can't wait to see him this summer at his own shows and with Brad Paisley. I am very interested to see how the shows will differ. Another thing I love about him is how consistent he and his band sound. It is such a pleasure to know that he will try very hard to give you a great show for your money. If he keeps doing that (which I'm sure he will), there will be no stopping him. He is already a mega star in my book. I wish I could ask him to cover more songs because I like his version better than the original who I loved before I heard him sing it. He is such a joy to follow - what a journey.

  5. I also think his version of cover songs are better than the original. I think it's because he has such a beautiful voice :)

    1. I agree. When they were working on his debut album, they were actually considering covers of country classics but decided against that since Scotty had just come off AI singing covers on the show. His voice is incredible! Deep, rich and warm.

  6. Love Scotty's interviews, love his voice on anything he sings!! A Christmas Album is a must this year, can't go through another Christmas without one. Loretta

  7. 9:28...sound like I wrote that!! Feel the same. I hope he will do some covers...he shined on AI doing the covers all the time! But I will take anything.


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