Monday, April 2, 2012

ACM Awards Videos!

Big thank you Shoutout to Mayara for Alerting us in comments we Now have videos!!!!

Scotty McCreery Fashion Snapshot ACM Awards 2012

Water Tower Town

Scotty's ACMA New Artist win!


  1. Eu que agradeço vocês postarem coisas maravilhosas sobre Scotty.

    Eu moro no Brasil, por isso o meu muito obrigado!


  2. How precious is this young man!. He looks so good in his his clean cut look. I let out a scream when he won. And I am 67... Way to go Scotty.

  3. Congratulations to Scotty on the award! And to all the fans who voted -- GREAT JOB! McCreerians ROCK!!!!

  4. well done scotty one thing wasent all Mccreerians that voted for you there long list of people out here who voted dont think they are the only ones that got you there praise to all fans that got scotty there it was great hearing you again really missed seeing you.
    You give joy to lot of fans dont forget we need to hear and see you

    1. really must you say this . not all mccreerians got you there . ont correct him .

    2. I'm sure Scotty meant all his fans were mccreerians!

  5. Some doubt came into my mind as I thought since the Industry was involved Bradley Gilbert would have won, but YIPEE!!! Scotty won and I am elated. Congratulations Scotty. Now please let us continue to push WTT.

  6. Press Room Interview ACM Awards 2012

    Scotty McCreery talks about his fans, the show and going to school.

  7. Congratulations Scotty!! You deserved to win this award. I have supported you from day one and will continue to support you. I let out a big yell when you won last night. When Brad Paisley comes to Raleigh, I hope you will be there. I don't travel very far and it would be so great to see you in your home environment. I understand if it can't work out. Scotty, I believe in you and hope you have continued great success. I am a huge fan. Thank you for being yourself. By the way, I have 2 daughters who graduated from NC State.


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