Saturday, March 31, 2012

US99.5 interview with Scotty McCreery

Scotty is up for New Artist of the Year … listen as we chat with him about school, the tour, the Brad Paisley goatee and much more!

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Scotty McCreery Loves Chicago And Vegas Too! « Country Music News, Artists, Interviews – US99.5

Scotty McCreery is an ACM nominee for New Artist of the Year, but for him, he’s looking forward to catching the show on Sunday night in Las Vegas from the audience as a fan. McCreery says, “Oh man, I remember just watching the show and wanting to be there. No even just be an artist on the show, I always just wanted to sit there and gaze at the artists and see the people walk on stage. And that’s still me, when I was at the… when I was at another award show I noticed that the artists were backstage and everybody was talking and stuff and I was the guy ran to the dressing room and got dressed and ran back to my seat so I didn’t miss the next performance and that’s still me. I’m still the fan, I’m still wanting to be there and so you better believe when I’m there at the ACMs I’ll be watching everybody’s performance probably catch me on camera with my jaw on the floor.”

Click on the link below to hear a short but different interview w/Scotty

Scotty McCreery Looks Forward to ACM Show.

The 47th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards will air live on CBS on Sunday from Las Vegas.


  1. Now that was a very nice and a real fun interview. lol at his reaction to Scotty´s: "I´m busy ..." to the girlfriend question

  2. Saw a comment on Idolforums someone posted in response to this interview question...this isn't the exact quote but something to the effect that he must be a superstar dodgeball player!!

    1. Meant to say I thought it was really funny in a good way!

  3. the interviews were really great just like always. the girlfriend question was pretty funny.

  4. Scotty just needs to bite the bullet and fess up to the girlfriend question. I don't think it will hurt his career to admit he has a girlfriend. I think it's kinda sweet. It hasn't hurt Justin Beiber's and his and Selena's relationship is much more high profile.

  5. Scotty is a busy man . . . If he has a girlfriend, he needs to keep that private.


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