Friday, March 30, 2012

Scotty McCreery's Jaw May Drop to the Floor at ACM Awards

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If you see American Idol winner Scotty McCreery in the audience at Sunday (April 1) night's ACM Awards, do not be surprised if he looks, well, surprised. It's because he can barely believe this new life of his is really happening and that he's rubbing elbows with the country stars he loves the most. "I remember just watching the show and wanting to be there," he said in an interview with the Academy of Country Music. "I always wanted to just sit there and gaze at the artists and see the people walk onstage. That's still me. I'm still the fan. You better believe when I'm there at the ACMs, I'll be watching everybody's performance, and you'll probably catch me with my jaw on the floor." And be he ever so humble, McCreery added that this kind of stardom is possible for anyone who truly wants it. "You think this 16-year-old kid who bagged groceries for a living -- making a couple of dollars an hour -- you think I thought this could happen? Just go out there and sing, and crazy things can happen," he advises.


  1. After Watching Scotty's Interview After American
    Idol this Week; I realized All Over Again; that
    Scotty IS the Same Person He Was before IDOL.
    Scotty wholeheartedly Engages with the person he
    is talking with; giving that person the opportunity to carry the ball. Scotty is HUMBLE,
    Has Charisma, he is FUNNY, VERY INTELLIGENT and
    most important; A Young Man who Loves the Lord with with ALL HIS HEART, and shares this with others.

    1. Yes, I have that same impression of him. At the same time he has also grown up fast and matured - he is also much more confident in himself - When we first met him, he was this 16-17 year old country boy; now he is such a handsome, young man! Isn't it wonderful to watch how he is growing as a person and an artist?! :)

    2. Yes, I Agree Karee !!!!! Scotty is truly a Gift To US ~~~

  2. I so want him to win ACM New Artist

  3. I So agree with Gayle and Karee God sent him to us!!he is a gift to all of us.
    I do hope and pray that he does win the ACM NEW ARTIST cause that will make me
    and rest of his fans happy.he so deserveing it cause he has that gift from god.
    that we all love so much and him.

  4. i just bought a ticket to the ACM ...cant believe I did it but Im going in the hopes of seeing Scotty win!! He just has to !! God bless Scotty!!

  5. Vote, vote, vote..have your family and!!! for Scotty!!!


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