Friday, March 30, 2012

Scotty McCreery interview with Fox 11

American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery tells Fox 11's Courtney Friel how great it feels to return to the 'Idol' stage.

Just a year earlier he was watching American Idol on TV and now he's touring with Brad Paisley.

Follow your dreams, and anything is possible.


  1. there is also another GREAT interview of scotty after his idol performance tonight. you can watch the one above and the other interview here I'm so proud of our little scotty tonight. he did great.

  2. he was and is amazing on ai last night. keeps getting better. more polished and sure of himself. wonderful performance. LSTB (love scotty this big.

  3. Yes to the above comments and to Scotty. To me he´s the best idol ever. His voice and performance on AI were awesome. And what a joy to watch Scotty being thrilled when recieving his platinum reward and see positive reactions from Ryan, Randy, Jennifer and the crowd. And wow to the boost in sales!

  4. WOW!!! What a performance! I recorded it and have gone back and watched it probably 50 times. For some reason I was so nervous last night before his performance....I should have known he would knock it out of the park again like he always does. So very proud of our young man. It was such a pleasant surprise that his platinum album certificate was awarded to him last night. Cudos to AI for finding Scotty and continuing to support him almost a year after his win. I think everyone at AI loves him and like his fans are so proud of his accomplishments these past 10 months. He is just a sweetheart and so,so talented!

  5. WOW is correct! He was amazing. I think it's safe to say that Scotty is no long a boy, but quite a talented and handsome young man!


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