Friday, March 23, 2012

Scotty McCreery at Turner FIeld
Part of the Coca-Cola & Delta Air Lines Summer Concert Series

Join us at Turner Field on Saturday, May 26th as we welcome 2011 American Idol champion and country music sensation Scotty McCreery for a FREE concert after the Braves-Nationals 4:00 p.m. game. McCreery's debut single, "I Love You This Big," entered the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart at 32, becoming the highest debut single since 1990. The song sold more than 170,000 units in its first week, and was certified Platinum in January, just three months after being released. One of three nominees for New Artist of the Year by the Academy of Country Music, McCreery hails from North Carolina and grew up cheering on the Braves.


First Pitch: 4:00 p.m.
Concert begins at the conclusion of the game
Admission to the post-game concert is included with your paid game ticket
Tickets available from $12 -$85
Concert seating is general admission


Watch Scotty up close from the infield with a VIP Field Pass. There is no better way to enjoy a concert at Turner Field! This pass does not include your game ticket. Game ticket must be purchased separately.


  1. I got my husband to agree to drive to Atlanta to see the game and the concert!! Does anyone know where the stage will be, so we'll know where the best place to get tickets will be?

  2. He is everywhere! Way to go Scotty! It can't get much better than that... baseball and summer nights :)

  3. I got my tickets. Baseball and Scotty there is no better combination!

  4. I don't know if you've seen this, I hadn't, but I thought in honor of Scotty singing WTT soon that everybody would enjoy seeing this...On Youtube I found a performance of WTT from the Knoxville, TN show where Scotty is introduced by the local DJ and Ashley McCreery before he comes out to sing WTT.
    eminemlover321123....Scotty McCreery- Water Tower Town

  5. I just want to say, that although I understand the reason for removing comments on some posts, I do not think it is fair to remove ALL the comments and/or seal the blog, as some of the comments are really good. This is a blog, and everyone will have an opinion. If some comments are out of line or are going overboard or whatever, then remove those, but not all. Maybe it might be better to just post the news, articles, pictures, and not allow for any comments at all, in fairness to others. And I only make this comment here because the previous post is sealed.

  6. Karee,
    We all here at FOS understand your comment & we know that all comments are not bad. But there have been times where 96-100 comments have been posted on one particular article & it is much easier to block those & disallow further comments, then to sit & go through every comment to see which one is negative or positive. Because when we pull the comments up, behind the scenes, we get every comment that's made, in the order its made in, so therefore, we have to look through EVERY comment on EVERYTHING that was posted to see which ones are negative or positive. We have talked before about not allowing comments to be posted at all and we made the decision to not do that. You will notice, though, there are times we post something and we don't allow comments to be posted. I'm sorry that the rule about comments, Tarah, Hailey & myself go by has upset you, Karee, but it's the rule we are going to continue to use, at this time. :)

    1. I am not upset, just disappointed because some of the comments were really good and interesting to read, in terms of feedback from fans -- I personally did not find anything "negative" in the comments in the previous post (which was about the next single), though I can see that it was starting to go in different directions -- Everyone who participates here or who visits this site regularly is a fan of Scotty regardless, and well, fans will also always have their own opinions -- I respect the rule, but sometimes it's a bit blurry when the blog is sealed and all the comments are removed -- Some of us do have really nice discussions, so just disappointing and not upset.

    2. Donna, you all do a great job on and with this fan site and we all appreciate it, truly. To be honest, I did get the feeling half way that the blog was going to be "sealed" and all the comments removed. I just wanted to express my disappointment because I do enjoy reading everyone's comments and well, sharing stuff and all, as fans. No problema. :)

  7. Donna, Hailey. And Tarah you do a wonderful job of keeping us all up to date and are very much appreciate. I total agree with the way you have set up this site Keep up he good work.

  8. Here's something nice to read:

    2012 ACM Award for New Artist of the Year – Who Will Win?
    By: Billy Dukes | January 23, 2012 - TOC

    "Our prediction: Scotty McCreery. If the North Carolina-born singer was eligible to run for president, we’d be shouting “Four more years!” in 2016. More than any of the other nominees, McCreery’s fans will work for him. Plus, he’ll win a significant portion of the industry votes because he’s so well-mannered and affable. The good news for the other two nominees is that it’s possible to be nominated more than once in this category."

    FAN POLL - Who do you think will win the ACM New Artist of the Year?

    Taste of Country as of Mar 24 - poll still ongoing.

    Scotty McCreery = 40.99%
    Hunter Hayes = 5.81%
    Brantley Gilbert = 53.2%

    GACTV - poll closed.

    Scotty McCreery = 67.8%
    Brantley Gilbert = 20.4%
    Hunter Hayes = 11.7%

    1. to make new artist of the year come true for scotty the only thing is everybody need to vote at the real voting count if dont vote hard he will never win even poll say he win or news say he will win no point the real vote count everybody full force vote every minute share spread to vote dont under estimate BG and Hunter they are strong too. more important than anything else stop view video more time voting make it happen for scotty action now

  9. Billboard Charts

    CAD = #12 = Country Album / #62 = BB200
    Scotty McCreery = #8 = Top 10 New Artists of 2011

  10. I didn't know where to post these -- SCOTTY'S PERFORMANCES ON AI10 -- these are links to the best videos on YouTube in terms of clarity and audio/sound -- For those who would like to go down memory lane ;) -- The BEST AI SEASON EVER!!!!

    YOUR MAN/BABY LOCK THEM DOOR ;) - Audition song



    THE RIVER - Top 13


    FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE - Top 11


    MAKES THE TOP 10!!!!!!


    I CROSS MY HEART - Top 8

    SWINGIN' - Top 7


    GONE - Top 5


    YOUNG BLOOD - Top 4


    AMAZED - Top 3



    GONE - Top 2/Finale

    CHECK YES OR NO - Top 2/Finale

    LIVE LIKE YOU WERE DYIN' - Duet w/Tim McGraw - Finale

    I LOVE YOU THIS BIG - Top 2/Finale

    1. Karee,

      I SO appreciate all your great input and interesting comments!!...Did you say you're from Australia?...Gramma S.

    2. I tried to go to one of these and it says it has an international copyright and not allowed to enter ??

  11. A nice video of Scotty performing Water Tower Town at Seaworld.

    The same uploader has posted many more Scotty performances from that show. I wonder if Scoty fans have seen those, as they are great yet only have few views.

    1. yes, i watched them. videos are clear. thank you for the tip!

  12. I hope that everyone is voting like crazy for Scotty everyday, as many times as you can. Our competition is voting non-stop and campaigning hard for their artist/s! Please, everyone, it's get FIRED UP and get more family and friends involved! Let's not let our boy down!!!

    LET'S DO THIS!!!!

  13. Hi Karee,

    I guess you live out of the USA because all of the video links you listed are blocked in this country. I am sure they are all wonderful - thanks for thinking of all us!!!
    CT Fan

    1. Oh, no - these are such ood videos too - I guess last season is blocked so as not to influence this season's votes - AI voting is only within the US - videos were not blocked until AI 11 started -

  14. vote at the real voting count not the poll dont count dont slow down full force dont take the risk dont under estimate BG and Hunter they are very strong too, dont vote everyminute ,share ,spread, scotty will not win vote now dont waste time on the other thing, vote the real voting thing then only scotty will win ACM

    1. vote every minute ,share,spread to vote make it happen for scotty concentrate on only not other thing.

  15. Please vote for Scotty - He is behind Jason Michael Carroll for 96.9 country cuties. We want Scotty to go to the next round. Just for fun but I never like Scotty to lose and only takes a second!!
    Here's the link:

    Thank you

    CT Fan

  16. TTWG is #1 on CMT 12 PACK keep voting and vote for Scotty at COUNTRYWEEKLY.COM until APRIL 1 FOR BACHELOR!

  17. Also another link to vote Scotty. He is in the final rounds of Hot Men of Country and up against George Strait. Scotty is losing badly. Please vote for him - just for fun, but I want Scotty to win - just takes a second.
    Here's the link

    Thanks for helping our Scotty

  18. make emails register cbs vote ACM is more important everydays

  19. Donna/Tarah,

    First of all, I thank you for this beautiful site. You are up to date with the latest news about our wonder kid, Scotty.
    I fully understand your rule comments. I fully agree with you that FOS has to be a positive site so that no one will use it to express their negative comments. Some posts are very interesting and I learn a lot from them. Sometimes when I feel so upset about something but after I read other comments, I get enlightened by them. It is going to be hard on your part to filter and screen all the comments but this is how you can gauge how the fans interact and learn from each other.

    To tell you frankly, I was disappointed too that you took out all the posts on that thread. I know it is difficult but maybe just delete the ones that are too harsh or negative and leave the ones that are constructive. As I said earlier, I learn to be patient and objective from some of the regular bloggers.

    More power to you. This site will go a long way and continue the journey with Scotty for more success.


  20. WOW ! this field has 35,000 seat capacity . The sponsors are also big time - DELTA and COCA COLA. I remember one time that Scotty was ordering Coke and the fast food chain has pepsi only in their drink list and he tweeted what is everyone's preference ????? I hope he bets to endorse Coke or Levis.

    He is really getting a lot of solo gigs. His mgmnt team is aware that he can fill up a big venue.
    This time he needs to come up with new songs.

    THe NEw ACM Artist of the YEar !!!!!!

    1. I am so excited for Scotty. I am trying to work it out to fly down to see Scotty and the Atlanta Braves -Chipper Jones before he retires!! I'm from SC and will be there for my nieces graduation the following weekend so timing isn't working out for my family with kids in school. I am sooooo happy for him and I may be there!! Otherwise, I will go to Nashville's Fan Fest for a few days and see him!

  21. Please vote for Scotty: for new artist of the year !!!!!

    Vote For Fun:

    96.9 Country Cuties - Scotty still behind Jason Carroll

    1035 Hottest Man In Country - Scotty way behind George Strait


    I put them as a shortcut so quick and easy!!!

    I think it makes a difference to keep his name out there if the fans vote for him even in the Fun contests!!

  22. You can vote more than once for the Fun contests listed above - just log off and go back in!!

  23. Ditto 1:24 AM! Love this site! And the girls do such a great job!

    Also, I just saw that "Please Remember Me" has over 56,000 hits on youtube! I've put about 1,000 on myself! Absolutely LOVE hearing Scotty sing that song! I wonder what Tim McGraw thinks of Scotty's version? Also wonder how the sales are doing?

    Gramma S

  24. I was just wondering if any one saw the article on bing ,it's in the examiner that Scotty will be on the today show on Thursday releasing his new single water tower town.Lauren was on the show today.check it out its on scotty home page .


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