Friday, February 3, 2012

Walk 4Kay - question answered about donating in Scotty McCreery's name

Several of you had posted asking if there was a way to make a donation in Scotty's name even though you would not be able to walk with him if your name was drawn. This is the response I received from Scott Warner. My understanding of it is that you should go ahead and donate through the site they've set up as if you were trying to win the walk with Scotty. This way they know the donation was made on behalf of Scotty. I have provided the link at the bottom of the page. I hope this answered your question.

Scott Warner
9:18 AM (1 hour ago)


Thanks for checking with us on this. We would love for the fans on your site to donate in Scotty's name. In the event that the winner is unable to attend the game, we will re-draw until a winner is selected that has tickets to the game.

All donations that are made in Scotty's name are appreciated, and are going to a excellent charitable foundation (Kay Yow Cancer Fund). For those of you on the site who may not be familiar with that fund, Kay Yow was the Hall of Fame Women's Basketball Coach at NC State (Scotty's favorite school). She died just a few years ago of breast cancer, and this fund was established in her name to raise money for breast cancer research. We would certainly encourage all of the fans on your site to purchase the Walk 4Kay tickets in Scotty's name for this cause and we will see to it that someone gets to walk with Scotty on gameday.

Thanks for your support.

OK I had forgotten to ask him about international fans being able to donate so I e-mailed him again and this was his response.

Yes, our site is able to receive international orders. Hope this helps!

OK someone else asked if they could write a check and mail it in this is the response I got!

Yes, if that is what they'd like to do we will accept their checks and donate them to the fund. They should make all checks payable to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund and write Walk 4Kay on the memo line. They may mail the checks to:

NC State Athletics
Attn: Scott Warner
5400 Trinity Road
Suite 407
Raleigh, NC 27607


  1. Thanks Donna you are the greatest. Can you please send out Twitter to all on the fan list at this site asking them to support Scotty. We need to show Scotty and his Family how much his FANS appreciate the joy Scotty has given us all.

  2. Made a donation under Scotty's name. Time to give something back for all the joy he has given us.

  3. FM1061Milwaukee has an interview posted on Youtube with Scotty.

  4. Lets all donate something anythng to show Scotty how we all feel about this out standing young man who is giving us joy and a role model to follow in life

  5. I did it... And I think Scotty will get more tickets than anyone else!...Just wondering if more than one person can walk w/ Scotty?


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