Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Scotty McCreery to perform at Jukebox Music Festival

Headliner Stage

Fri 830pm – Scotty McCreery
Sat 8pm – Joe Nichols
Sun 7:30pm – Alan Jackson

Grand Stand Stage

Fri 6:00pm – Mark Chesnutt & Asleep At The Wheel
Sat 6:00pm – Kellie Pickler
Sun 5:00pm – Ricky Skaggs & Pam Tillis

Tickets are now on sale!
You can get them right on this website via our secure Paypal processor. You can also buy tickets at Wall Street Pizza, 1165 Hartnell Ave., Redding, right next to Harbor Freight (Map), or at Shasta District Fair Grounds, 1890 Briggs St. in Anderson. (Map)

All seating is unassigned. All sales are final. No refunds, rain checks, or exchanges. You will receive a receipt via email, however the actual tickets will be sent to you via U.S. Mail. For your protection, all online ticket purchases are subject to additional verification.

General Admission Seats ($129.ea.) Update quantity in shopping cart.

Gold Up Front Seats ($149.ea) Update quantity in shopping cart.

Click on the link below for further details. I believe the ticket prices will get you admission on all 3 days.


  1. OH MY, this looks like scotty is the head liner on friday being the last to perform way to go scotty --loe ya MJ IN TX

  2. I was surprise that Scott is doing Jukebox it seem he is not joining any tour this summer

    Donna and Hailey can you let us know if we can get a video of this
    Interview of Scotty with cast of Hear of Dixie?
    QT itahCMItah McCreery
    everyone @KristinDSantos is interviewing @ScottyMcCreery and the cast of Hart of Dixie today,so send her questions you want scotty to answer UNQT THANKS

  3. I hope he gets asked to perform at the Country Music Fest in Nasville this year on June 12th weekend,I think Scotty will have alot on his plate this summer,with special perforances,getting ready for college,I might be wrong but I don;t see him touring this summer.

  4. i don't know what this Jukebox is? LOL sorry, but is it a big deal?

    to MAC: maybe they are still trying to decide whether he will join a summer tour or what -- it seems like either he has so many offers and/or they are trying to work around his school schedule (prom, baseball, graduation, preparing for college) -- looking at this Jukebox event, seems like he just hopped on board now -- his dad tweeted that they are trying not to "overload" scotty until he graduates from hs -- but they must be getting a lot of offers for events/tours -- personally i think he should join a tour this summer -- i'm guessing there may be some last minute announcements -- :)

  5. i don't think scotty and/or his family were prepared at all for all this in terms of scotty starting out his music career now and this huge -- scotty looked real tired toward the end of his solo concert performance in Lancaster -- first time he had to sing 16-17 songs straight -- but that's what he has to do to establish and prove himself to nashville and the industry -- it's hard work really --

  6. i just want to add that, it's not going to be easy pursuing this career and going to college at the same time -- it's can be done, though, but well, he will just have to find a way to balance everything out --

  7. I'm not worried about it.

  8. Thanks Karee I agree they should not overload Scotty. I feel he should not go out tour this summer I have travel from one city to another for more then a months at a time and It can be killer. He has so much he wants to do and I am sure Judy and Mike will know what it best for Scotty

  9. I think that's why Belmont is a good choice for college. They are used to juggling studies to suit entertainers. Scotty had said it may take a few extra years to finish college. Nothing wrong with working and going to college, esp if the school is willing/used to accomodating such a schedule.

    Last I checked the lineups on the megaticket concerts, most did not list the 3rd/opening act yet. Laura Alaina is currently touring with Jason Aldean and Luke Bryant, but she's not listed in the fall schedule and that's true of others as well. So I'm not sure if many of the tours just haven't filled in the 3rd spot or if they aren't bringing aboard a "name" opening act for the summer tour.

  10. Here is the link to the megaticket so you can see what I mean above:

  11. Correction to my 11:08 post: I meant SUMMER schedule, not fall schedule.

  12. Scotty is young and he can handle both.He has been gone for 2 weeks needs a little down time.He will be fine . Could be waiting for it to come out of Brads camp or whoever he might tour with.

  13. Oh my gosh, Scotty is a headliner for the Jukebox Music Festival. How awesome is that! I am so excited & proud of our country boy. He does have a full plate but, his parents & the good Lord are watching over him. One way or the other, I beleive he will make enough appearances to satisfy his fans & the country music industry.

    God Bless Scotty & his family!
    Php-4:13, Isa-40:31

  14. WOW! Headliner Status! And at a venue where Alan Jackson is also headlining! So very proud of Scotty, he is working so hard and it was evident that he was tired Sunday night after his last performance. So glad he was able to "meet up" with Paul and Stefano and just kick-back for a while. I think they formed a really strong bond during the AI competition. And Yes, Grandma Vera, the Good Lord and his family will be taking good care of our young man. Just hope he can get a few days of rest between now and his next appearance. May God Bless him and his family.

  15. To Anonymous Feb 1, 2012 11:08 AM

    Actually, according to the President of Belmont University, if ever Scotty is invited to enroll in their university and he (Scotty) decides to get his college degree from them, it will be a first time for them to have a famous personality studying in their campus. He said, it's usually the other way around - their alumni becoming famous. So, yeah. This will be their first time to juggle study schedules for an entertainer.

    I know that Scotty and his family will do just fine. He will never be overloaded, I am sure. We may be seeing him now as too busy/overloaded because he wanted to experience all the important events in his senior high school life and graduate simultaneous with proving to country music people that he's got what it takes to be a country music artist, but I can see that he will slow down once he's enrolled in a university of his own choosing - taking few subjects, working around his schedules that his music career dictates. And basing from his previous pronouncement that it doesn't matter if it takes him 50 years to get that college degree, I guess that his music career will take priority but he's definitely not letting go of his original goal - to finish his studies.

    OFF THE TOPIC, BUT STILL ON SCOTTY: I just observed that after Scotty sang Trouble and (I am a) Man of Constant Sorrow in Lancaster, some country radio stations are now playing it again....hmmmm....

  16. After I read all of these comments, I went back and watched videos from the last songs in Scotty's solo concert - and he sure doesn't look tired to me. He looks energized. And then he went to record for Hart of Dixie the next day. We need to remember what it was like to be 18 with endless energy. Right now, he seems to be able to juggle it all.

  17. His parents are doing a great job balancing his education and music career. Scotty will be back in school after Brad's tour to pitch for his HS BB team. That's his passion. He will never give that up. So I expect no tour in April & May so he can focus on BB.

    We all love Scotty and want to see him out there all the times. But don't forget he is only 18. All these happen so fast to him and his family. Let's respect whatever decision they made. Scotty will be fine in the long run. Sometimes too much exposure in such a short time may not be good.

    Scotty has been working non-stop since he won AI. I think the upcoming break will be good for him and his family.

  18. I'm not worried, 1. He didn't look tired to me and Scotty has said (like any teenage boy) that he takes naps all the time and can even sleep on a rock...hahaha. 2. He said any career obligations will come first and he will work school around his career...however long school takes, is how long it takes...most schools now, will let you take core classes online. Most college classes are on Monday, Wednesdays or Tuesday, Thursdays so touring shouldn't be to much of a problem. This boy has his head on straight.
    We as his fans don't know what offers, deals, or negotiations are going on behind the scenes, so I won't speculate what type of appearances he will have coming. He graduates around the 6th of June.
    I know all of his fans are struggling with wanting to see and hear him as much as possible and worrying about his well being, as in mentally and physically but he has a lot of people looking for him. His parents and God are watching out for him.

  19. In my haste I messed up a little at the end there with spelling and missing a word but, oh well.

  20. I don't know if you guys saw this last night at Scotty's TP:

    These two tweets were sent to Scotty:

    @ScottyMcCreery my cuz, anna 14 yrs old, loves u but she is sad you'll not be with @bradpaisley when he comes 2 #CharlotteNC this summer! :(

    @ScottyMcCreery how come you will not be in #CharlotteNC this summer when @bradpaisley comes here for his summer tour? My cuz wants 2 see u!

    Scotty replied:

    i aint got my summer plans yet, so idk. im sure ill be around the queen city eventually.

  21. giving it more thought, maybe joining a summer tour would be too much of an overload for him -- they are probably still working out his summer schedule -- i am sure that there are tons of offers being pitched his way! -- he has a great producer and management team apparently, great family and friends support, a good head on his shoulders, and great fans -- it will all work out -- i think after seeing all the video clips from the paisley tour, fans in other places want to see him with brad as well! LOL -- nc gets to see his performances a lot more though with all those charity benefit concert spots here and there -- :) this year will sure be hectic for him, probably more than last year and he also has to work on his next album to come out in 2013! talk about "go big or go home!" gosh. :)

    but, what is that Jukebox event???? LOL

  22. The Trouble With Girls - Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas

    -- Scotty walks to the end of the "T" and at 2:50 you see these 2 little girls being held up by their parents at the side of the stage -- the girls are singing along with Scotty and reaching out to touch him -- at the end, when he turns to walk back he reaches down and touches their little hands -- so cute, so sweet!

  23. he need to be busy to expose to more people to help his album sales and being forgotten by people when you stop and you want to pick up the steam is very dificult you have to be all the time keep on going hot cannot cool down people will change direction to other singer we donot want people to forget scotty

  24. now AI season 11 start he had to work his tail out to expose more because fan will go to other singer if you stop like AI season 11 new singers like we keep on because there is still news to follow if there is less news slowly we also forget or donot follow scotty anymore is very important to keep on hot cannot stop or cool down i donot want to see scotty being forgotten by people have to keep on promote or expose to more places more people

  25. karee the youtube here you put mandalay hotel one is not link cannot see

  26. karee i saw the video TTWG mandalay bay hotel,LA yes it so cute the two dad held the two girls infront of the stage waiting to touch scotty hand and scotty touch both of them back video upload by beatestknob 29 jan 2012 so cute the two little girls they sing along with scotty

  27. ok, so i had to look up this Jukebox Music Festival and apparently this event will be the first big country music 3-day weekend event in northern california, with major country artists performing -- and scotty was just added as the headliner on the first day, friday! -- this is just great for him!

  28. I was just watchng videos of scotty solo concer on youtube oh, when he sings WMNOYH,he was really throwing out his charm & o my he knows how to do it so cute & a little sexy love it. this boy can act no problem there either so much talent love ya scotty MJ IN TX

  29. Ahhhhhh i bought my tickets for this yesterday!!!! I'm SOOOOOOO excited!!!:) so proud of Scotty!!..


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