Friday, February 17, 2012

Scotty McCreery relives Hollywood experience on twitter

Did you find a Group Day favorite?

By Brian Mansfield, USA TODAY

• Wednesday night, Scotty McCreery tweeted about his experience in the Hollywood rooms, which turned out to be pretty nerve-wracking for someone who was already considered a favorite.

"Last year I was in room 1 first," Scotty writes. "Then a producer came and took me out and walked me to a different room. A lot of the people who did really good during Hollywood were in room 1, so we all felt really confident. It was the same day I forgot the words to my song, so when they moved me, I knew I was going home. I was so scared! Haha. Both rooms got thru tho, n the producer said they just felt like playing a joke on me. It was funny tho! Those producers were the bomb. but that joke definitely made my heart drop, haha."

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  1. Never watched Idol until it's narrowed down to those who compete, until this year. Man that's brutal. Felt sorry for them. Scotty must really feel their pain. Kudos to Scotty for all you're doing. We love you.


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