Friday, February 10, 2012

Scotty McCreery is part of Seattles biggest country music show of the year

Young country — The Band Perry, Scotty McCreery, Brad Paisley

In what will probably be the Seattle area's biggest country-music show of the year, Brad Paisley, The Band Perry and Scotty McCreery play the Tacoma Dome on Saturday, Feb. 11.Season 10

"American Idol" winner McCreery is more straight-up country, his attitude honed by growing up in small-town North Carolina. Singing for thousands of people at a time on top of homework and baseball practice might seem a lot for a high-school senior to handle, but "I try to stay in control of my own life," McCreery said in an interview, his voice as startlingly low in speech as in song. He does homework on his tour bus, attends a regular high school at least two or three days a week and keeps up with as many extracurricular activities as he can. "It's a cool tour, with Brad, because it's mostly a weekend thing," he said. He calls his deep bass-baritone "a blessing that God gave me," and he's put it to good use throughout his teen years: "Growing up, I'd have girls who'd have guys calling, and they'd put me on the phone and have me tell these guys to leave them alone." Although one of his biggest hits is "The Trouble with Girls," he says he doesn't have time for dating right now — which is probably for the best, since "it's definitely weirder now that a lot of people know me." Paisley is a known prankster, and his two openers for this tour have already been victims. The Band Perry played a prank themselves, in Denver, in which they did the famed Tim Tebow move on stage while Paisley was singing — not realizing Tebow was in the house, until security guards escorted the Broncos quarterback onto the stage to sing along. McCreery is ready for it. "We're trying to put together something, me and the band," he said. "He's already gotten us a couple times."

I've only posted the parts about Scotty but you can click on the link below to read the full article


  1. i am really impressed with scotty in interviews -- he's so smart and mature esp for someone his age nowadays -- actually even compared to adult stars/artists -- he really has a good head on his shoulders and he really knows what kind of music/songs he wants to put out too -- you can tell that he really looks up to his country artist idols -- i really hope he can keep this momentum and "control" in his life throughout --

  2. Scotty you are such a Huge Blessing To Me. Keep singing those great songs!!!!

  3. hahahahaha - am laughing at Loretta's tweets (Scotty's truck has her own Twitter account) - hilarious! LOL - if you're following Scotty on Twitter, you should also follow Loretta - hahahaha!

  4. Please, for those of us not on Twitter, could you post them here?
    And here we are with Scotty missing from the CMT Pure 12 Pak....we were voting hard for this week...I don't understand.


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