Friday, February 10, 2012

Scotty McCreery Coyote Country Interview 2/9/10

Coyote Country
TC chatted with Scotty McCreery yesterday:


  1. OMG! Shout-out to DONNA! :) Great interview as always and Scotty is so great in all his interviews and getting better. You can tell that country radio is impressed with him now. 2 Gold singles, a Platinum debut album, the ACA and now the ACM nomination, not to mention his chart rankings! Thanks for all the updates/posts, we can't keep up! hahahaha -

    1. Hi and Happy Bday again Karee!!

  2. Scotty always gives such a good interview. He has an ease and charm that just wins people he says, he's just Scotty...I guess that's why we love him. Oh and might I say...that VOICE!...talking ...singing...just love to listen to it. I suppose that's what the music biz talks about when they say that someone has a special tone to their voice, you just can't stop listening. I know that I have listened daily since last spring and have yet to grow tired of it and in fact I can't wait to hear new things coming from our boy. Total Scotty fan.

  3. I loved Scotty's answer when the interviewer mentioned that he (Scotty) had met so many people and was probably becoming a good judge of character. Scotty answered with "I'm no judge". He is so sweet and humble. He never says anything negative....always positive. I also am a Total Scotty Fan!!!

  4. THANK YOU Donna for this TREAT!!...Always love hearihg and seeing Scotty!! What a charmer!!..No wonder we love him so much!!!...So happy that country radio is FINALLY getting it!!...Scotty is a shooting star!!...But still humble..Hope that never changes!!

    Love you TTMAB as alwats Scotty!!

  5. I listened to the entire interview with a smile on my face I think. I mean what is there not to love about Scotty? He is amazing. His insight into his life and experiences through idol are so real and genuine. You can tell how mature he is for his age and how he has grown so much. I especially liked when he said he would choose music over baseball because it is his passion and that he is loving every minute of singing. That makes me happy to know he is happy.

  6. I enjoyed listening to Scotty's interview. Thanks for posting. I agree with Sarah 12:21 PM. He is so grown up and mature. Enjoy him so much. Doesn't matter if he is talking or singing!


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