Saturday, February 11, 2012

Radio Interview w/ FITZ

Just interviewed @scottymccreery! Amazing guy, amazing family, huge heart! LOVED IT

Yall go show @FollowFitz some love. Real fun interview w/ him today before the Tacoma show. He's a funny dude.

@ScottyMcCreery you are a blast bro!!! Got ya covered on the Clay Aiken shirt next time & a good game of catch.

Playin catch with scottymccreery on his tour bus

@ScottyMcCreery on bus chatting b4 Tacoma show with @followfitz who does PoweredByCountry Countdown!


  1. I loved the other interviews he did with Scotty last year. I hope we can get to hear this one too.

  2. Don't know if you know but...

    TTWG is really close up.


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