Thursday, February 16, 2012

Help Scotty McCreery & his boys on twitter tonight

If you have an account on twitter you can join Scotty & his boys from Garner at 7:00 pm tonight in trending: "Amile Jefferson go to NCSU"
10m Alrighty, tonight at 7 me and the boys are gonna try n trend "Amile Jefferson go to NCSU" .. If yall wanna help maybe a TP soon if it works!
And even if it dont work, i still wanna talk to yall n catch up!

Colin Perry @Colin_Perry McCreerian's: tonight around 7pm we're trending "Amile Jefferson go to NCSU" let's get it done! We need yall's help though!


  1. Could you please tell me what happend to the site.There is nothing on it.except this article.everything else is please.thank you

  2. i have to click on "Older Post"--

  3. I notice the "video" site is not available. Its unusual to see everything gone so quickly??

  4. I went in & shortened this post so it wouldn't take up the whole front page - sorry about that everyone! :)

    Anon at 9:59
    what "video" site is not available? Thanks

  5. Sorry, Donna. On the web page of Scotty sites there was a site with all the videos of Scotty... his concert at Lancaster, etc. I assumed it was put there by Fans of Scotty. Its gone and some other dumb site about dating is being shown. So sorry about that!


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