Thursday, February 2, 2012

Do you want to walk with Scotty McCreery at Hoops4Hope?

I wanted to post this here so everyone could see it.
I have sent an e-mail to Scott Warner asking if there is any way to make a donation in Scotty's name. I also asked if people purchased the tickets and were chosen as a winner but were unable to attend the event would Scotty have the option of picking someone else to walk in their place. I was thinking maybe he could pick a random person out of the audience or something like that. As soon as I hear back from him, I will let everyone know.
Donna :)

Walk 4Kay at Hoops 4 Hope Walk 4Kay is another great way to make a donation to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. This year, many NC State coaches, administrators, and student-athletes have volunteered to walk on treadmills fueled by your donations during the event.
Feb. 1, 2012

The treadmill Walk 4Kay is another great way to make a donation to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. This year, many NC State coaches, administrators, current student-athletes, as well as local celebrities have volunteered to walk in 15 minute increments on treadmills fueled by your donations during the NC State Women's Basketball game vs Wake Forest. The Treadmill Walk 4Kay will start 30 minutes prior to tip-off and continue till the final buzzer. You must have purchased a women's basketball game ticket to enter Reynolds Coliseum. Please contact the ticket office directly at 919-865-1510 or visit to purchase game tickets.


You have the opportunity to walk alongside your favorite celebrity by making a donation to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund! Here is how it works:

1) See the list below of NC State and local celebrities that have volunteered for this event.

2) Who would you like to walk along side of?

3) Use the link below to safely use your credit card to make your donation. Each "ticket" purchased will increase the odds that you are selected. Any fan that makes a donation for their selected celebrity, is entered to win the chance to walk during the game along side their selected celebrity. The more chances purchased the better your odds to win. Each ticket is $1.00. Make sure you write which celebrity you are donating for in the "special handling" section. Only 9 celebrities with the most donations will be selected to walk. Be sure you make a donation if you want to see your favorite celebrity walk.

Example: Fan A and Fan B both want to walk with Coach Bible. Fan A purchases 50 chances @ $1.00 each, while Fan B purchases 100 chances @ $1.00 each. Both fans have been entered to win with Fan B having a greater chance to win. If Coach Bible is one of the top 9 donation getters, he will walk along side the winner.

4) Donations will end on Wednesday, February 8th at 11:59 p.m.

5) Winners will be contacted with a time for their walk. Please contact Scott Warner ( with questions related to Walk 4Kay.

*Note: The software used for this donation is the same as the NC State online ticket office. Please disregard any notifications regarding your game ticket purchase. This donation will not be related to a game ticket purchase in any way. However, you must purchase a women’s basketball game ticket to enter Reynolds Coliseum.

NC State Celebrity Walkers:

Scotty McCreery - American Idol Winner

Elliott Avent - Head Baseball Coach

Sue Donahoe - Executive Director of the Kay Yow Cancer Fund

Deborah Yow - NC State Director of Athletics

Mike Glennon - Football Student-Athlete, Quarterback

David Amerson - Football Student-Athlete, Cornerback

Dana Bible - Offensive Coordinator, Football - Cancer Survivor

Kelly Findley - Head Men's Soccer Coach

Braden Holloway - Head Swimming & Diving Coach

Debra Morgan - WRAL News Anchor

Kelcey Carlson - WRAL News Anchor

Jeff Gravley - WRAL News Anchor

DeShawn Painter - Men's Basketball Student-Athlete, Forward

Alex Johnson - Men's Basketball Student-Athlete, Guard

Andrew Brackman - Former Men's Basketball & Baseball Standout, Current Pitcher for Cincinnati Reds

Mike Sollie - Former Baseball Player, Current Star of State Farm Discount Double Check Commercials


  1. Donna & Hailey
    I sent this tweet to Judy McCreery

    Judy I want 2 donation 4 Scotty live Cliff Island ME. I will not go 2 game. Q. Can I donation?

    I am out of State so I am not sure we can donate what do you think or know? Anything to support Scotty.

  2. Donna, I would like to donate for Scotty too. Can you find out if we're allowed to?? Thanks!

    Gramma S.

  3. I will see what I can find out for you guys - and get back with you

  4. I'm from Canada ,I would like to donate also in Scotty's name,How would I be able to do that.

  5. I too would like to donate in Scotty's name but I live in Barbados.

  6. I posted the response I received from Scott Warner but I forgot to ask him if this applied to people in other countries too - so I will send another e-mail to him - sorry everyone!

  7. OK - here's the response I received about international donations

    Yes, our site is able to receive international orders. Hope this helps!

    I have posted a new post with the e-mails Scott sent me answering these questions. Hope this helps everyone!

  8. Scotty, u are so amazing in everything u do.I would pass out if I got a valentines day card too!! It would be nice to start a collection!! 40-something grandma 4 Scotty.


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