Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chance to win free tickets for Scotty McCreery's July 18th performance

Scotty McCreery Comes To Southern California

Are you an American Idol fan, or better yet a Scotty McCreery fan? Well then I’ve got news for you!
Scotty McCreery is coming to Southern California Wednesday, July 18th! He’ll be performing during the OC Fair at The Pacific Amphitheatre. Tickets go on sale Saturday, February 18th, buy tickets here! You can win them before you can buy tickets by listening to K-FROG now until February 17th for freebies on the fours, and we’ll let you know the next time you can win!



  1. Wish we knew whether or not Scotty will be on a major tour this summer. The more of these smaller venues I see, the more concerned I'm getting. Not that these are bad things, just want to see some major things happening for him to ensure he is going to get the exposure he needs to keep him in the public eye.

  2. Well, there are at least two ways to look at this. If Country "Industry" doesn't feel he has paid his dues...oh, he has/is doing just that! Or, no big tour has invited him in spite of his proven draw in Brad's tour. A third consideration is that his manager is not pressing hard enough to see Scotty get the Industry nod for the ACM Award. Any way it plays out, we will support all of his efforts and achievements!

  3. I am really confused by the megaticket tour; which is several cities,including cities in N.C. At first it showed The Band Perry would be with him when Brad came to northeast Ohio, but it didn't show Scotty. Now, it's not even showing The Band Perry. I don't see the stops on the megaticket tour showing on Brad's, Scotty's, or The Band Perry's webpages. Really confusing. I did notice The Band Perry tweeted that they would be announcing performances in the U.K. Of course, that could take just a few days.

    I agree, I wish I would find somewhere telling us who are the opening acts on the megaticket tour. I understand last year, some of the opening acts were advertised as being on the tour but at some stops, they were double booked and didn't make it, so the venues may be skittish about publicizing some of it.

  4. It could be out of consideration for Brad and the tour he is on now.No other tour will be announced until this one is over.

  5. I realize a lot of the fans are concerned about Scotty doing these smaller venues - but the only way his "team" is going to find out how big of a crowd he will draw is to start testing the waters - and no better way to do that then with small venues.
    In my opinion, Scotty's team has done an EXCELLENT job at promoting him and keeping him in the public's eyes. Remember, in this business TIMING is everything. I feel his "team" will start pressing hard for the ACM Award when the time is right. Remember, it's still over a month away before the voting even starts.

    Scotty & his team has not failed us yet :)

  6. I agree Donna. I think as McCreerians we can be hyper sensitive. I think his team is doing a great job, so far...look at his sales. Also, quite a few major tours start after CMA fest or later in the fall so I'm not worried and I think that with the success of TTWG that they will probably release another song pretty soon with hopefully another video ( would love that) to go with it. I agree with Donna, his team can't pound, pound, pound, every day...there's a time to do things...a pace. I think things are going well and like Anom 1:52 said they wouldn't announce another tour while he is still on one.

  7. Angela and Donna I agree 100%. We all have to remember that while he may not be performing in the big arenas, he is still performing. I remember I saw Garth Brooks at my state fair and loved every minute of it. So often at a smaller venue you get to see more of the true artist that they are. I am sure that Scotty will acquire fans no matter where he goes, look at what his solo concert did in Lancaster, California and from what I saw and heard from videos and responses, he was great. We must be patient, he is growing as a new performer but we all just want everything for him now. Our boy's time is coming just wait and see.

  8. Donna is so right and we can be sure Brad thinks so much of Scotty I am sure he is looking out for what is best for Scotty. Also remember Scotty wants to be as free as possible from March to June we all know how important Garner High School and baseball is for Scotty
    When Scotty WIN the ACM for Best New Artist of Year believe me everyone will take Note

    1. Ditto Mac and all...WHEN not IF!...But we all still MUST vote every chance we get!...Scotty deserves it more than anyone else!!

  9. Can't wait to start voting for our boy to win.

  10. I feel the same as Donna - and I'm sure Scotty's camp must be getting tons of invites for Scotty to perform! Timing and pacing. I think he's doing just great. Can't wait to start voting again!

  11. There's nothing wrong with the smaller venues. A lot of big stars still do them. They reach a lot of people. Some who maym not be able to afford the big tours go to these more affordable concerts. He still can pick up new fans there. Isn't it great how everyone who meets Sctty gets 'Scotty Fever', re. the interview above!!!


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