Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ashley, Judy, Mike will be having a TP tonight at 9:00

I just love how Scotty's family acknowledges his fans~they have had to sacrifice so much in the last year. They also realize it's the fans that have helped get Scotty to where he is today and they never miss an opportunity to let the fans know how much they appreciate them :)

I've talked & into joining in tonight..TP 9 o'clock eastern time:)

has just volunteered me for my first twitter party...the pressure is on.

What is a twitter party?: A twitter party is where you tweet questions to someone and they respond to as many as they can. Remember, there will be a lot of people tweeting questions to the McCreery's, so they may not get to your question. The best thing to do is keep tweeting them questions, don't just tweet one and stop. They are really fun and you can actually learn some stuff about them that you never knew before.


  1. Hi Donna sorry for all the problems but duty called it my day to meet the ferry and I am the only one home today. Yes that was my question on how twitter party works. I only began tweet a year a go because of Scotty you will note I only follow Scotty his family and friends. I would never have though that after a year I am so excited more and more over Scotty and want to let the world know about this amazing young man

  2. check out and vote and post vote4idol Scotty is way ahead for this week. Adam Lambert won last week. thanks janfan

  3. at fanbuff/scotty under forum click *scotty mccreery street team then at pg3#41 full list radio mediabase us & canada request TTWG,ILYTB,or add CAD and full lsit to vote link and pg79#1562 list to vote too.


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