Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who is Scotty McCreery's supporting act for his Sea World performance?

Hmm I found something very interesting posted on the Idol Forum

suitemusicSuite Caroline
Kaabooommm!! Just got booked as the support act for Scotty McCreary at Sea World Orlando in March!!!

Seems like Scotty's going to have an "opening act" for his gig at Sea World in Orlando, FL
I had never heard of Suite Caroline before so I did some searching and this is what I found. She has a pretty impressive resume, in my opinion, to only be 14 years old! She has been the opening act or supporting act for some very big names in Country Music!

This is what's posted on her official website I've provided the link is at the bottom

Suite Caroline is only 14, but has already released 3 CDs of all original music, and signed a deal with SONY/ATV in Nashville. She has opened concerts across the nation for many popular artists including Martina McBride, Blake Shelton and Lifehouse. She has sung live with Sheryl Crow, Pat Benatar, Charlie Daniels and the GoGo´s. She has played supporting stages for Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley and Willie Nelson, among others. She has played for crowds as large as 30,000 people! She has even performed in Australia, Fiji and Ireland. Caroline is a story-teller, and a really good one no matter what her age. Listen to her music and you will hear a refreshing believability, and songs filled with memorable musical hooks. Caroline continues to earn rave reviews everywhere she plays!

Suite Caroline at New Years Eve 2011

Credit to: mkudelko1


  1. Wow! Suite Caroline has a very impressive voice and resume for her young age. I've never heard of her before but she's really good. Would love to be at that Orlando show where her and Scotty appear. Scotty's going to be the older man. Ha!Ha!

  2. A newer, younger Taylor? Voice is a bit lower.

  3. I'm really impressed! Best of luck to you young lady.

  4. The start of a new generation of Country singers. Very exciting. Sent this on to my grandaughter. You see, grandmothers for Scotty are very important. We will create fans for Scotty that will support him forever.

  5. She really good, I say pop/country. Heavier on the pop, like Taylor, but she has a better voice than Taylor. Although, Taylor is very pretty and glamorous..and looks like a model.

    I think there are a lot of young, talented singers today. But, what won me over with Scotty more traditional country..and his music, relects his tradition values. I was hoping.. country music would start to go back towards pure, traditional country. I stopped listening to country music after the 90s because it has become too pop for me.
    Songs like Dirty Dishes, Old King me hope.

  6. I share the same opinion as post @11:50 PM -- she's definitely talented and has a good voice, but reminds me of TS, pop country -- I wasn't too impressed with her songs, at least not the lyrics, but she does have potential -- love Scotty's voice and his song choices, traditional country sound --

  7. I think that you have to bring something more to just the singing that will make you stand out -- she's really good for her age, though --

  8. this is actually wonderful for both of them - 2 really promising country artists!

  9. this show should be really awesome! 2 young VERY talented, promising country STARS! i really like her voice too!

  10. WOW is right; just like Scotty her voice is beyond her actual age. The feeling she conveys is amazing. Definitely going to watch this one emerge.

    Would love to hear a duet with her and Scotty! They compliment each other....


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