Friday, January 6, 2012


Headline Shorty

The Shorty Awards Ceremony is held yearly in NYC, and is hailed as the Oscars of Twitter.

3rd Annual Shorty Awards Ceremony

The 3rd Annual Shorty Awards took place on March 28, 2011 at The Times Center in New York City.
The Shorty Awards culminate in a celebrity-packed ceremony with appearances from likes of Conan O'Brien, Kiefer Sutherland, Aasif Mandvi, Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara, Neil Patrick Harris, William Shatner, Jim Gaffigan, Shaquille O'Neal, MC Hammer, Stephen Wallem, and Miss USA & Miss Teen USA. Finalists and fans fly in from around the world to attend the event that has been called the Oscars of Twitter.

I think it would be fun to nominate "The Blue Crew" under the category "BaseBall

How to Make Nominations

  • To make a nomination, fill out the nomination form at or send a tweet like this: I nominate @TwitterUser for a Shorty Award in #category because... [must add reason here].
  • You can also tweet shorter nominations like this: #shortyawards @username #category [must add reason here].
  • Be as creative with the reason. A tweet without a reason for the nomination will not be counted.
  • The nomination must be relevant to the category.
Go here to find out more about nominations
There are awards called The Shorty awards, they're awards on twitter that generate a lot of buzz each year. To nominate Scotty or our Fansite haha! Go to and you can nominate Fans Of Scotty.

To nominate Scotty McCreery for a Shorty award go to  and you fill out the box and tweet it. Have your followers retweet it, lets get Scotty his first Shorty Award.  This is worth your time, as it does generate a lot of twitter and social media buzz.


  1. Sorry- I would like to, but I´m new to twitter and do not get the instructions- how to do what. sorry about that

  2. That's ok @1:51 it's a bit confusing, but if you go their website it's better explained. The bottome line is you tweet the nominations. The top 6 are then chosen and move to a voting round. The winners are then flown into NYC for the Awards event. It's become more and more popular each year with many celebrity's video in their acceptance speech, and attending. There is a lot of buzz surrounding these awards, and the media picks up on it. It's worth the effort if you can figure it out. It's far better than voting on an online poll (aside from Scotty's video) since it actually helps promote the Star outside of a website poll.

  3. For those of us who never/don't know how to tweet, can someone walk us through it? I want my votes to be counted.

    Carrollton, TX

  4. you have to set up a twitter account at you need an email address too. On twitter it will walk you through how to set it up. Once your set up, you can follow Scotty, and us we are @fansofscotty Scotty is @ScottyMcCreery you find the accounts by typing into the search (once your account is made) their twitter name, if you want sent a tweet to somebody you put @soandso (space) and what you want to say and hit send. Maybe later I'll make a post on how to create and join twitter. I know a lot of the older fans don't have one, but I think they would enjoy it, there are thousands of Scotty fans on twitter :)

  5. That would be lovely. I'll surely be watching out for it. Thank you, Hailey.

    Carrollton, TX

  6. scotty shortyawards vote singer,music,artist,celebrity......

  7. scotty-artist,music,singer,celebrity,hottiestoftheyear,. baseball-bluecrews, fansite-fanofscotty

  8. Scotty is #69 needs more votes,then once again this isn't just a country music voting it's across every type of music and there are alot of Scotty haters out there too.Do you know that entertainment weekly voted Scotty's album as one of the 5 worts albums of 2011,now we know that's not true,right

  9. DONNA AND FRIENDS 512 AM give a list of. Category Which category is best to use? Or use all?


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