Monday, January 9, 2012

To those who don't understand twitter and want to tweet Scotty McCreery

It seems many fans out there are unfamiliar with twitter, or just don't understand it enough to bother.  Here are some instructions for twitter, how it works, and what to do.

1.) to register, (You need an email address to register)

2.) Create a twitter name (I'm a real stickler about not using your real full name on twitter) so make your user name something you'll remember, but I advice against using your "Real first and last name"  sorry I'm a Mom SAFETY FIRST  :)

3.) After you're all set up you can begin to "Tweet" you'll need to follow people and have people follow you first or you'll be tweeting to yourself basically. To do that, in the search area, see image below

you can search @ScottyMcCreery you will see on the side that his twitter page comes up, see images below

Once you see on the side bar the person you want to follow, you can click the follow button and then you will be following them. You can then see "THEIR" tweets, but THEY HAVE TO FOLLOW YOU to see your tweets.  Unless you direct a tweet to somebody by placing their @Username before your tweet.

You can also receive Direct Messages of DM's, these are private messages, but only between those that you follow, and follow you back.  You can do that by clicking the Message area at the top of the twitter tool bar.

On a side note: If you create a twitter for the purpose of voting in the shorty awards, they have rules against "New Twitter Users" and voting. So, use twitter for a week, then vote for Scotty. 

Hope this very small tutorial gives you a bit of an idea how twitter works, it's a lot of fun once your get used to it. Don't be afraid, and make sure you follow Scotty and his family.
@ScottyMcCreery, @JudyMcGarner @MikeMGarner @AshleyMcCreery2

Oh, if you want somebody specific to see your tweet, direct it to them.. Such as @SueSmith (space) your message, it will go to their page, and they don't have to be following you back to see it.  Also twitter only allows 140 characters in the tweet, so you have to be creative to get your message across in that many letters.


  1. Thanks for the instructions it will help Scotty’s FAN. I must say never put anything you do not want the rest of the world to know on twitter about you or anyone twitter is an open net to the world.

  2. Right Mac, that's why it's important to not make your username your actual name. Additionaly, never click links on twitter if they are sent to you by somebody you don't know.

  3. Donna which category is best to use? Or use all?
    On scotty-artist, music, singer,celebrity,hottiest of the year. Baseball. Blue crews, fansite-fanofscotty

  4. I dont know if anyone else has noticed this but Ashley's twitter is actually @ashleymccreery2.

  5. @ 3:34 Thanks good eye! I fixed it :)


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