Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Scotty stops by the GPAC

Scotty along with his mom Mrs. Judy McCreery and sister Ashley McCreery stopped by the Garner Performing Arts Center today, Wednesday January 4th. According to the GPAC Facebook page it was for a video and some pictures.


  1. Wonder whats up with the video and pictures. Can't wait to find out. Love your site. You do a great job for all us Scotty fans.

  2. I just saw the tour dates posted on the right of this site page -- that's quite a hectic schedule of performances and kicks off NEXT WEEK ALREADY! OMG! I wonder what songs Scotty will be singing? Can hardly wait to see any video clips. I hope he is received very well by the concert goers.

  3. The tour starts on 1/12 (that's in 7 days!) and I'm curious when he plans to rehearse with his band?

  4. I think Scotty is busy rehearsing with his band
    as I type this. I know the show will be spectacular !! I can't wait to see him in Grand
    Rapids January 12th. I failed to get a Meet and
    Greet. I guess it was not meant to be this time.
    I will try to see Scotty at another concert. But
    I was so close: yet so far. gayle

  5. Thanks, Gayle. I suppose it's still possible for you to "pass out" even without the meet 'n greet ;D --I'm overseas and alas, cannot watch any of his concert performances live. :( But I did get his EP and CAD albums on pre-order! :D I'm soooo excited about this tour and cannot wait to see the video clips posted here or on YouTube! karee

  6. Of course this concert tour will be spectacular! Brad Paisley, Band Perry and Scotty McCreery! Wow!

  7. I'm trying to get a cam-corder for the concert!
    I really really really need to get one for you all
    to see Scotty sing in Grand Rapids. I will keep
    trying. Stealing is not an option for a young
    Christian Girl like me ! Ok Christian girl. gayle
    I have to probably buy one. What is a good one.
    Does anybody know ????? Help !!!!

  8. Gayle your too funny! Maybe you can rent one from a camera shop:)


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