Saturday, January 28, 2012

Scotty McCreery videos from Salt Lake City, UT

Water Tower Town - Salt Lake City, UT 1/27/12
Credit for all videos goes to: allieandannmarie

Talking About American Idol

Write Your Number On My Hand

You Make That Look Good

Dirty Dishes

Walk In The Country

The Trouble With Girls


  1. ...And Scotty is the opening act. What a reaction. Of course we've all heard that fans are asking when the show starts so that they can get there before Scotty starts singing...they don't want to miss him. I hope he is making even more fans...I'm sure he is. He always puts it all out there to entertain the fans.

  2. I was at that concert last night... what was awesome... well, besides Scotty of course... haha... anyways, I was surrounded by males that were loving Scotty as much as the females were! He has this incredible stage presence that is just captivating! And a continuous smile throughout his set that was highly contagious!! I have never been so taken with an artist, I will be a huge fan for life!! Winter must be so cold for those with no warm memories... Thanks for the warm memories Scotty McCreery! ILYTB!!

  3. Anonymous at 7:56

    That is great to hear about the males loving Scotty! Sounds like you had an awesome experience! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Anony 0756:
    Funny thing is you mentioning stage presence. While watching the video and before reading your comment, the thing I noted was his body language. It has changed just over the last few weeks of the tour. You can see he is becoming more and more comfortable.
    It will be interesting to watch the first night of the tour and compare it with the last.

  5. the audio on these videos are not so good,but I love to hear how he is getting a largier fan base

  6. To Anonymous at 9:12 am

    I know the audio isn't the greatest, but I know the person who was recording them said that security kept stopping her from filming. She's the same person who gave me permission to post her pictures on here. She said at one point she was told to put her camera away because it looked to professional. It seems like they were really watching everything pretty closely last night. I'm hoping that doesn't mean we won't see more videos or pictures showing up from last night. So, with all that being known I'm just glad we have something from last night to view - because I have a feeling there's not going to be a lot out there from SLC, UT!!

  7. He definitely is getting more comfortable on stage!! Wow, his best ever. Too bad the audio wasn't great, but you could tell his voice was amazing. I like Brad Paisley and Band Perry, but Scotty is the one that will get me to buy a ticket.

  8. These are my videos, and the bass during the show was REALLY REALLY REALLY I think that is part of the problem with the videos, and I was near a loud speaker. So I'm thinking that was the problem, because my camera is way nice and always takes really clear videos.


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