Saturday, January 14, 2012

Scotty McCreery tweets a picture of him & Brad

@ScottyMcCreery Scotty McCreery
Man, this whole headlining tour thing @BradPaisley has going on is really giving him a big head! Check out the pic...


  1. It seems like Brad and Scotty are enjoying themselves. What a great guy Brad is for promoting and supporting Scotty. It is a win for both of them. I love seeing Scotty enjoying himself while doing what he loves best.


  2. I agree with you Denise. That pic is soooo cute. I hope Scotty is learning alot from this experieice that he can use towards his own budding career. We love you Scotty!!!!

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  4. The Brad Paisley tour looks like such fun! Brad has a great sense of humor. Like when he missed a cue on a song, and said to Scotty, "I didn't like high school". lol

  5. Scotty and Brad are having fun together,like Brad said Scotty is his Love child,and he has Scotty fever.I haven't seem any mention of the THE BAND PERRY,

  6. Toooooo funny! I hope Scotty doesn't let his head get that big but I know momma mccreery will deflate it real quick!! Lol. Stay just the way u are Scotty!!


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