Sunday, January 22, 2012

Scotty McCreery tweets from Denver

Edit: I wanted to post on here the tweet from Scotty's Dad this morning. I think it's just awesome that Tim took the time to call Ashley & I'm sure she was more than excited when she received that call!

Sincere thanks to for talking to last night. Words can't describe how much that meant to me as a dad.

from the sounds of these tweets I think it's safe to assume that our boy had a blast in Denver last night! haha

Great meeting you ! Best of luck to you brother!

great meeting you too! Thanks for the words of encouragement. Hope you had a good time tonight!

denverrrrr! Yall rockedddd! Good grief! what a night!

Best night ever in Denver with and all of you lovelies! Thx 4 coming out. -kP


  1. What a night for our Scotty the pictures and twitters just let us all Know that Scotty is the best. Hope we get a picture of Scotty and Tim Tebow
    2 great young men that make us all stop and take a look at what makes a real role model. Awesome Somehow I must find a way to meet Scotty it is my big dream

  2. I was on Twitter last night when Tebow 1st tweeted the pic with Brad and knowing how much Scotty likes him I was so hoping that he would get to meet him and then Scotty tweeted, he was so excited...I was just so happy for Scotty to meet someone he admires so much...I know it is something he will never forget.

  3. Mac,
    I sure hope you get to meet Scotty one day! You are right Scotty & Tim are 2 great role models. I admire the fact that they are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in!
    I hit the hay early last night haha & when I seen the tweets this morning I was like oh no! Yes this is a night that Scotty will remember forever.

  4. Am excited to forward this to my grandchildren.


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